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  1. I am a Helix newbie. I have noticed that when I play an open E string on my bass and let it sustain, that it doesn’t hold a consistent pitch. It starts to “warble†a bit as if there were some slight modulation or tremolo effect. As if it were slightly out of tune (out of tune with what? I don’t know). This happens on all of the bass presets that I have tried. It doesn’t seem to happen on any other open strings. I use this configuration in my practice room: Bass->Helix Rack->Practice Amp (Aux In) The bass is a Fender Precision. The Practice amp is an Ampeg BA-112v2 (a bass combo amp). I use the Aux In input to avoid the preamp section. As a test, I connected my bass directly into the instrument input on the amp. It works fine – no warble. Any ideas what may be happening? Thanks, --jack
  2. I found a few bass patches from Line 6 Custom Tone ( that I downloaded and will try/tweak. --jack
  3. I only used it for a couple of hours, but, here's how I intend to use it for my live performances (basically as a preamp): For my on-stage monitor: Bass->Line 6 Relay G90 Wireless->Helix Rack->Power Amp->Speaker Cabinet For getting bass to FOH, I would take an XLR output to FOH. What I did last night was: Bass->Helix Rack->Ampeg BA-112 (practice amp) I use the Aux input of the Ampeg BA-112. I use my pedalboard setup this way and it works well. What I've found so far with the bass presets is that they sound "thin". --jack
  4. Update: Last week I called customer service and they offered to repair my Helix Rack. I sent it on Thursday 7/13/17 and got it back yesterday 7/18/17. I live in SoCal so shipping was just 1 day each way. Very quick turn around! The unit boots as it should. It had firmware version 2.11.00, but I was able to successfully upgrade it to v2.20. It now boots and operates as it should. I messed around with it for a couple of hours last night. To say that I wasn't thrilled with the preset bass tones is an understatement. But I will continue to work on it. Line 6 gets an A+ customer service rating from me! --jack
  5. Thanks, I did. Even though I bought it used, they are going to take care of it for me. Excellent customer service! --jack
  6. I have the Helix Rack version without the foot controller. I found this page: and followed the instructions to hold ENC1 and ENC6 at boot and that didn't help at all. I tried the other options as well and nothing seemed to make any difference. Since the unit says that the firmware version is V2.11.0, I thought I might try downloading and installing that version to see if I can get my PC to recognize the Helix and then try to upgrade from there. Thanks for trying to help, I really appreciate it. If you have any other suggestions, I'm all ears. --jack
  7. When I called (I live in California and bought it from a GC in Colorado), the guy that I talked to said it worked fine and had firmware v2.00.00. It seems as though they tried to update the firmware and didn't get it right. I have 45 days to mess with it. If I can't resolve this, I will return it. But hopefully there is a way to recover and update the firmware to the latest version. --jack
  8. Just got the Helix Rack (used from Guitar Center) and it will not boot up... Stuck in "Updating UI MCU Firmware..." mode The top of the display has ":-7:-7:-7..." Any help? I just opened a support ticket. Oh joy... --jack
  9. Well, I took the plunge. I found a used one at a good price and it will be on its way to me soon. I will report back once I get it... --jack
  10. Thanks, I didn't know about I will check it out. --jack
  11. My local Guitar Center had a Helix on display. It was connected to a powered PA speaker (a 2-way speaker with a 15-inch driver. Not sure what brand.) I wasn't impressed at all. I fiddled with it for about 20 minutes or so and didn't like any of the bass tones. After messing with it I decided to check the firmware version and found that it was So not the latest firmware. Is the 2.x firmware version really going to make that much of a difference? Thanks, --jack
  12. Thanks, very helpful. I was assuming that the Rack version was a 2U unit, but it is 3U. This might affect my decision... --jack
  13. I'm pretty much always going to have an amp on stage. It's just weird to me when bands are ampless. I may eventually go to IEMs, but I'll probably still have an amp for the visual. Thank you for the feedback! --jack
  14. I just recently found the Helix product line and I'm considering a Helix Rack for my bass rig for live performance use. I play in several different bands and currently I have different gear (basses, pedals and amps) for each band to achieve my tonal goals. If the Helix lives up to its billing, I can simplify my gear and reduce my setup time. I have watched a few video reviews that show some impressive results. I have just one sound that I used for each band that I play with - all the pedals that I use to achieve my tonal goals are always on. My thought is to develop a preset for each band and just dial up the preset and go. Maybe some minor tweaks to adjust for the room, but not much more than that. Maybe the Helix is a bit overkill for that. Also, I intend to use an amp as a monitor (no in-ears). I currently use a pedalboard and rack setup with a preamp and power amp. If I go with a Helix Rack my rack setup would be something like this: Power conditioner Line 6 Relay G90 Wireless receiver Helix Rack Power amp For those that have used the Helix in a live performance setting for bass, how has it worked for you? Do you use one of the XLR outputs to go to FOH? Do you use a bass amp/speaker on stage? For the FOH feed, I was thinking that having (among other things) an amp block (not sure if that's the right Helix lingo) and cabinet block in the Helix chain. But for the amp (stage monitor) feed, just an amp block. Does that work well in real life? Thanks for any help and insight! --jack
  15. The MIDI Mobilizer II firmware version is 1.0.4 if that matters. I found last night that when I get the "Requires MIDI Mobilizer" error, I was able to dismiss that error then remove and reinsert the Mobilizer and it was detected. I will try it out at band rehearsal and see how that goes. Still would be interested in knowing why it isn't detected in the first place. --jack
  16. I've had the MIDI Mobilizer II for a few months now and I have installed the MIDI Memo Recorder App (version 3.0.4) on my iPhone 4. About half of the time, when I start the MIDI Memo App it doesn't recognize that I have the MIDI Mobilizer attached - I get the "Requires MIDI Mobilizer" error message. I have to close the app and reopen it. Sometimes I have to do this several times before it recognizes the MIDI Mobilizer. Help? I want to be able to use this in a live setting, but don't have the confidence to do so yet. Thanks, --jack
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