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  1. This is a known bug and is documented in the Native Release Notes: And in this thread: The bug is also present in other amps including Mesa bass amps, not just the Mk IV. Hopefully there will be a fix in the next firmware version. --jack
  2. That's great. Hopefully a fix will come in the next firmware release. Thanks again for your help on this issue! --jack
  3. I started a separate thread on this topic, but I also want to document the issue in this thread in the hope that it will be resolved in a future firmware version. The original thread can be viewed here: The bug is that the Helix output volume gets quieter over time. Forum member "duncann" pointed me to another thread which had the same issue, but with a different amp block. In my case, my preset contains a Cali 400 Ch1 bass amp block. When the "bass" parameter in the amp block is set to 0.0, the volume gets quieter over time. The volume drop is easily noticed after 20 or 30 minutes or so. Just switch to a different preset and then back. --jack
  4. I don't know, but adjusting bass off 0 worked for me. I wonder what the threshold is. I will try 0.1 to see if that works :) --jack
  5. An update on this issue...I did indeed have an amp block with the bass set to 0.0 for the preset that was causing the volume issue. I increased the bass to 1.0 and the problem went away. Thank you very much! --jack
  6. Oooh, thank you very much for this! This might be exactly what is happening with my preset. I will need to check, but I recall having to dial the bass control way back because it was so boomy. Again, thank you very much! --jack
  7. I used my Helix Rack at a gig last Friday. The unit was on for a total of about 3 hours. For this band, I use just 1 preset for the entire gig. After 5 or 6 songs, I noticed my bass was not loud enough. I don't think it was related to ear fatigue (I use earplugs) or the rest of the band getting louder (only 1 guitar player and he used a plexiglass shield to control volume). At first I just turned up my volume a bit, but it seemed to happen again later. I switched to a different preset and then back to my original preset and it was noticeably louder. Anybody else experience this? I haven't noticed this with the other band that I play with. I have another gig tonight so I will keep an eye on it. --jack
  8. I used the Helix at a gig last Friday. NO power related issues. It stayed on for about 3 hours. I did have another perceived issue, but I will start a new thread for that. --jack
  9. No, I never use a USB hub. Also, the Helix wasn't connected to my PC when this happened. After the problem, I continued editing the preset without any other issues. I was able to dial it in to my liking but I suspect there will still be some small tweaks. I don't really have any interest in trying to recreate the issue but rather to learn if there was a known problem that I can avoid. I had rehearsal with my other band last night and had no issues. Although, I did use a different preset. Also, since it was hot yesterday the air conditioner was on the entire rehearsal and did not cycle on and off. I have a gig tomorrow and I'll be using the preset that caused the issue, so we'll see how it goes. --jack
  10. Possibly. Not sure how to verify that though. --jack
  11. What firmware version do you have in the rack? You probably need to run through the firmware update procedure to update both: --jack
  12. Even if you press the Home button or cycle power? --jack
  13. The only thing that changed in my rig is the bass that I use. Same rehearsal space, same rack, same power strip. I suppose it's possible that there was a slight dip in the AC power when the air conditioner switched on. Or that there's a bug in the Helix while editing a preset. I don't know. I will keep using it and see if it happens again. I have rehearsal tonight and a gig this Friday. We'll see how it goes :o --jack
  14. No. I've only had the Helix since early July though. I've been using it in my other band with no issues until last night. I don't think so. It was quite hot yesterday but the air conditioner was running at our rehearsal place and it was about 76 degrees in the room. If anything, I think the power amp in my rack would have overheated first. FWIW, I had it plugged into a Furman SS-6B power strip like this: --jack
  15. I've been working on a new preset for one of the bands I play with. FWIW, it's for bass guitar. I had been editing the preset as we played and also after each song. If I liked the result, I would save it. If not, I would discard the changes by selecting a different preset without saving the changes, then reselect the preset I'm working on. We got about 5 or 6 songs into rehearsal and the Helix just quit in the middle of a song. When I turned to look at it, it looked as if it had been powered off - the screen was completely blank. Then suddenly it looked like it was restarting with the normal startup screen stuff. But it never did come back on. It just went back to a blank screen as if it had been powered off. I turned the power switch off and checked the AC power source. AC power looked fine and all of the other gear in the rack was functioning properly. So I used my other amp for a song. Afterwards, I turned the Helix back on and it started normally and worked fine for the rest of the rehearsal. Anyone else ever have this happen? Possible causes? I certainly wouldn't want to have this happen at a gig! Thanks, --jack
  16. Update: I used the Helix at a gig last weekend with my Iron Maiden tribute band and it worked great. Sounded great on stage and out front (I have a wireless). Sound man loved it and got some great comments from other musicians that were there. I uploaded the preset that I used to the Line 6 Custom Tone site for anyone that wants it. Do a search for "Steve Harris" to find it: --jack
  17. What would you do differently?? --jack
  18. Thanks for the replies, that makes sense. Why would I not want to change FOH eq, volume, etc.? I would only do it during sound check, not during the set. With my normal non-Helix bass rig, I have had FOH ask me to alter my eq so it works for them. But that resulted in a tone that I didn't like for my stage sound. This way I can send them something that works for them and still have what I want on stage. Hopefully nothing too dissimilar. --jack
  19. A little more background on the desired result for this preset... Output 1A is panned left and the LEFT XLR output is intended to go to my on-stage bass amplifier. Output 1B in panned right and the RIGHT XLR output is intended to go to FOH. I laid out each path such that, theoretically, I can change the FOH eq, volume, etc. without affecting my on-stage monitor. We'll see if it works this weeked when I take the Helix to it's first gig. Thanks, --jack
  20. The attachment is a screen shot of the Helix editor for a preset I'm working on for BASS guitar. Why is there a merge block at the end of path 1B? What does it do? Thanks, --jack
  21. I've continued to tweak my Helix presets and have come up with a nice one for for one of my bands (and Iron Maiden tribute) that sounds great in my rehearsal space with the full band. So the Helix has graduated to being a new member in my rack case. :) I'm still working on a preset for one of my other bands (a Rush tribute) that sounds great at bedroom volume, but not so good at full band volume. I have a gig this weekend with the Iron Maiden tribute, so we'll see how that goes with the Helix. --jack
  22. Good idea. It is indeed ON. I will try turning it off to see if anything changes. Thanks for the suggestion. --jack
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