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  1. Your correct. I have never had an opportunity to do that! It would be awesome though! I'm just trying to figure out how to dial in the best tones possible with this device. I understand what your saying here but the whole modeling concept is trying to replicate the tones and tendencies of real amplifiers and equipment. It really makes no difference to me if I'm hearing the tones as if they were coming from my amplifier as I'm playing them or out of my stereo sounding like the recording artist. In my opinion both of those tones would be more than acceptable. But currently, and most likely because I'm really inexperienced with these devices, the tones I'm hearing sound good but not exactly recording quality. I am keeping the Pod and maybe over time I can learn to use it and enjoy it like so many others. It is very complicated as there are many variables that you have to dial in to get it to sound right as was pointed out in the tutorial that was sent to me. Thanks for your comments and explanations.
  2. Lol! You think two weeks is long enough?
  3. Well. I'm not sure I understand what you mean here entirely. I'm trying to find a product that I can use as a practice tool and as a performing tool. Based on what your explaining here is that if I take my Pod to a gig most people listening are going to think it sounds weird compared to the Sounds coming from the Mustang / Combo amp. Are you saying the Pod is just a recording device and really not meant to be used in a performance setting?
  4. Thanks. I will try connecting this way today. Is Studio Direct the best output setting for this.
  5. So the Mustang has an effects loop with a send and return output...I tried something called the 4 cable method that requires you to move the loop effect in the Pod on what ever side of the amp you want effects to be at in your chain. I tried that and it didn't work. I god some really weird horrible sounds. Is that the method your talking about here. I'm committed to making this thing work.
  6. Yes. I have it set up like that. I'm also using studio direct no matter what I'm playing through. It just sounds better to me. One thing that concerns me is that when I coneect to the Mustang thinking I'm just going to use the Mustangs speaker to project the pods everything is that the volume is pretty low. Way too low to ever play with a band and the Mustang is certainly a loud enough amp to gig with on its own. I'm sure it's just some setting that I need to correct. Your right about being patient with it. I've decided to keep it and play with it. There are far to many favorable reviews on this product for me to just give up. Thanks for the feedback.
  7. That would be great man. I would appreciate any help I can get. Yeah I've heard that opinion a lot about the mustang and it's partly what lead me to the pod. Not that I was getting bad gain tones. I just wanted to seen if the pods were better. Jury still out on that one.
  8. So I bought a Pod HD 500X thinking I was surely getting an upgrade to my Mustang 3 combo. I've been trying for a week now to dial up some basic tones that I find sound better than similar set ups on the Mustang and I have yet to succeed. I've been using the Pod through my Alesis studio monitors and headphones primarily and it does sound pretty good but not nearly the response and clarity I get from the Mustang. I tried the pod through the Mustang using both the 4 cable method through the effects loop and through the front using the Mustangs studio pre amp setting. The 4 cable method didn't work very well for me. Seems like way to much tweaking and adjusting for my taste. The Pod through the front of the amp was OK but the tones were not better than what I can program through the Mustang alone. So my thought is that the speaker cabinet in the Mustang is probably why there is such a drastic difference in tone when I compare the Pod run through my Alesis Monitors to the Mustang. I have a hard time believing that the Mustang technology is better than the Pod's but so far the proof for me is in the pudding. I also tried the Pod through a Fender Blues Junior but it's hard to cover up the shrill tones of a blues junior no matter how you go about it. I have no need to keep the Pod if it's not going to give me superior tones than the Mustang. I like the set list platform, the recording capabilities, and the whole layout of the Pod better than the Mustang but if I can't dial in tones that I can use in live playing it really defeats the purpose. Anyone have any suggestions before I box up the Pod and sent it back. Thanks
  9. Yep. I am starting to understand that now. The pedal allows for adjustments that are way beyond my level of understanding and expertise. I'm going to have to learn a lot to get the most out of it. It's light years away from my normal Amp and single pedal box approach ha! Thanks for the advice.
  10. Thanks. How do I set the input to single input.
  11. Ok. Before I get blasted here let me preface this by saying I'm sure someone has asked this before but I can't find the answer. So if you just want to blast me and tell me to read the FAQ's please don't bother posting a response. I just bought a POD HD500x and I'm trying to determine the best sounding practice and recording set up for my uses. I've been using a Mustang 3 which has served me well but I wanted to see the differences with the Line 6 stuff since most of the reviews are really good. So far I've tried the Pod through my very inexpensive Alesis studio monitors via my scarlet 2i2 interface and set the output on the Pod to studio direct. The sound is just ok. I then tried to run the HD through the front of the Mustang using the Mustangs Basic Studio Pre Amp setting and it's not so good. One thing that is confusing me is when plugged into the Amp I changed the output of the Pod to combo front as directed in the tutorials and it cuts the output volume so low that I have to really crank the Mustang Master Volume to get any output... the studio direct setting sounds way better. Any suggestions on getting the most out of what I have?
  12. Thanks. I'll look at these videos. My biggest question was whethe Line 6 uses the monkey still at all. It seems newer devices use something called the update editor and I didn't know if that applied across the board to all the previous products too. Apparently older products including Pod HD still uses the Line 6 Monkey for updates.
  13. I've done that and still I don't see anything that addresses my question there.
  14. Hi. I'm brand new with this product. I'm confused about how and if I have to update my new Pod HD500x. If I do need to update can someone explain to me the process please. I keep seeing seeing something called Line 6 Monkey? And the Line 6 Updater. I'm not sure what these are and which one I need to use if any.
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