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  1. This is my first post hear, looking for some advanced user advice. I have 2 identical mkii heads, each with a full stack of top/bottom cabs under them. I have one mkii shortboard controller, currently being used for stack one. I just purchased the second head/stack, and read somewhere, perhaps on this forum, that I could control both heads simultaniously, with one shortboard, and using a midi cable out of stack one with the shortboard controlling stack one, and running the midi cable into stack/head two. I have both heads programmed the same, My questions are, will this actually work? chanhing patches, presets, etc.. on both heads at once via midi? my main goal was, if indeed this is possible, to have the same patch on both heads come on, and be able to have the smart harmony on each head, with slightly, reprogrammed settings come on, so I will be playing in true stereo, and be able to have stack one have root note, plus 2 harmonies, on one side, and stack two hve root note with 2 diff programmed harmonies on the other side just for a neat special effect trick, and a full rich tone. basically, I want to get the rich 5 note sound like the boss gt100 and gt-10 showcase with there dual amp/dual harmonist capability. I adore my line 6 amp/tones/effects, and I dont want to buy a boss gt100 just to get the dual harmony effect. I realize I could make it simple and buy another mkii shortboard, but, in a live situation, it would require a lot of tap dancing. if anyone here has heard the boss dual harmonist, it is pretty cool, but theres not much of a way to use just the harmony effect as a standalone with there device, and I cant afford an EVENTIDE, and i am happy with the smart harmony in the line 6 head, Just hoping I can program the midi in Head one to simultaniously control Head two, so I can change the patches, nothing complicated, just change head two to stay in sync with head one. and I will take care of changing the harmony notes manually in head two, to get my desired sound. wow, there it is, any takers? If not, it may be all trial and error on my part. also, since this is all new to me, I am assuming I will need to have my guitar signal split into two, to be able to go into each heads input? IF I USE THE POWERAMP OUT, it would mess up my desired harmony goal, I was thinking guitar split, left/right into each amp, then amp head one with mkii/and midi out into amp head two, for patch changes only.. sound logical???? I am excited to try it out, and hear the wall of sound of two mkii stacks roaring in stereo, into 16 twelve inch speakers, "2 stacks" someone tell me this will all work, and be awesome..... augie
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