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  1. And again, the MXR is not really a distortion pedal.. Its really a booster pedal that helps sustain a note like you wouldn't believe. You can read some reviews on it and people say it sucks as a distortion pedal because its actually meant to supplement a distortion channel.. and a few of you are right if its cranked to high with the a pod patch that is using an fx 1 distortion it sounds bad but it can be adjusted for optimal sound. I really only use it because what it does to a pinch harmonic and when playing lead solos.. If you guys tried one you would see right away what I am talking about.. but you all probably have you're own ways and better amps to get the same effect anyways lol.. Thanks again everyone.. I just skimmed that guide and read it awhile back.. Great info in there and its the only reason I didn't sell the pod because when I first got it, I was so confused with it I wanted to break it in half lol..
  2. Thanks for the responses and the setup guide I will read right after I post this.. to clarify.. I run the patch cord from my guitar to the MRX in, the mxr out to the guitar in on the pod.. The pod L mono to the fx return on the back of the mustang head. That was my normal way of setting this up which disabled the mustangs effects and basically the only thing I could adjust on the head itself was the volume which was drastically lower than not using the pod at all.. Right after I posted this I also tried another method which gave me a different sound altogether. Everything was the same as the above except I ran another patch cord from the pods Right out to the guitar in on the front of the mustang head.. It gave a unique sound because it didn't disable the mustangs amp settings and it didn't disable the pods effects or amp models.. I also had control over the treble bas mid reverb on the head and pod where as my normal way of setting this up just uses the mustangs head as a power amp and disables everything but the volume knob... Now if I run the pod L mono out to the amps guitar in port, (not the fx return) The pod loses functionality to where I can only use the FX's and no amp models... Its all rather confusing..
  3. Well upon further tinkering.. Using the pod 300 with headphones sounds simply amazing.. I am starting to think its the cabs speakers just sounding awful..
  4. I don't know wtf I am doing wrong but I just can't get a decent tone out of my gear and I am too poor to get anything decent like a tube amp etc. Ill list my gear, how I set it up and maybe someone can point out what I am doing wrong.. Fender mustang V head peavey half stack/supreme xl Pod HD 300 MXR distortion + Charvel http://www.charvel.com/guitars/index.php?partno=2931110557 I set it up with the distortion + being the first thing in the chain which goes to the pod 300, then to the FX loop on the mustang head. I have also tried running the pod first then the MXR and it sounds worse. Removing the MXr completely means I lose a desired effect.. Something about the pedal that just helps sustain a note is amazing so Id rather keep it in the line up. I have the pod set up properly I am sure because it took me nearly 3 months to figure it out.. I know there is some hidden settings like combo stk front, live or studio switch etc.. I put it on stack. front or stack amp as those 2 sound better than combo's. I am trying to achieve a kill switch engage sound.. A nice clean distortion. I don't know how else to describe it but my sound is so muddied. It doesn't matter how much or little drive I use, if I turn off the pods FX 1 distortion or leave it on etc it just doesn't sound good.. It doesn't seem to matter if the mxr is on or off.. I went from using a line 6 spider 1 12 to using the 1 12 with the pod 300.. to using this half stack and pod and nothing sounds good anymore. I should probably mention I only have been playing electric since october 2012.. My first 15 years were all acoustic guitars lol.. So I have very little knowledge of gear but if I could go back in time Id certainly aim for a tube amp over this ss crap..
  5. You are exactly where I was when I got mine.. I hated it till I figured it out. First thing to do is hook it up to a pc with hd edit and download some patches/sounds.. The big flaw in these hd models imo is the 400/500 are not compatible.. so the 300 sounds that are uploaded are weak.. I can't even find a randy rhodes sound ffs.. hes like the king of rock/metal.. Also, if you're trying to adjust settings on the board itself, I advise against that.. You can but its such a pain in the lollipop.. just use HD edit, load up any preloaded sound are just start tweaking.. What band/sound do you want? The 300 is very limited in my opinion.. You can only get 3 effects and a reverb and you can't even get flanger and chorus at the same time as they are in the same effect 2.. so its either or, not both. I should probably upload a complete noob video or something because I played acoustic guitar for like 20 years and had no clue about electrics or the gear and trying to figure this pod 300 out was like pulling teeth.. I didn't even use it after the first week of messing around with it till about 2 months later thats how much I hated it and my line 6 spider 2 1 12 had a better metal sound that I could get out of that board back then till I learned how to use the thing.. and even now Im not a pro at it yet.. Just watch and read a lot about it, you'll pick up how to use it easy.. I actually came here to lollipop about the stupid thing not being able to get a decent randy rhodes sound and a lot has to do with the 3 effect limit and certain effects can't be used at the same time.. Or maybe Im missing something..
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