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  1. If the obvious things aren't doing it ( power cable, outlet, ) def send it back
  2. Hey guys! Have any of you been using your helix to control ableton? Specifically starting and stopping songs. My idea would be to bank to each song in a set, and when I engage that bank it would start the tracks in ableton. Is this possible?
  3. Hey guys! Sorry if this has been covered. Im not great at forums but i've been searching for an answer to this and can't seem to find it. Im currently running a matchless into a two notes torpedo studio live. I absolutely love this setup but I have considered buying a helix to replace my pedalboard and also add another amp to my rig via the simulators. So here's my question. How would I setup my helix to run all the effects in front of my matchless, but also at the same time run an amp sim. ( probably the shiva ) with the same effects in front of it. Does this make sense? Thanks in advance!
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