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  1. BTW I just dug up my receipt and checked the warranty. It turns out that I picked this up just before last Christmas (2013) and the warranty is good for 12 months on these things. The bad news is that if I need one, there is no service center in this city. There are several in a few po-dunk towns over 100 miles away though. I hope a piece of crud gets dislodged when I blow it out, and I don't have to make a road trip for this. It's tempting, but I probably shouldn't start replacing piezos myself while its still under warranty.
  2. No, the D string is at the same level as the other strings when using the magentic pickups. Thanks.
  3. Thanks Silverhead. I meant to remove the string again and blow it out last night but I got sidetracked. Maybe tonight..
  4. Afternoon all; I have a fairly new JTV-89F that has a D string that is much quieter than the other strings. All the strings ring out clearly via the magnetic pickups, but the D string is considerably quieter than the rest through the piezo. The problem exists whether I'm connected via the Line 6 digital interface cable or via a regular 1/4 inch jack. I have verified the issue is also present on two different rigs. Firstly on an old Marshall VS65R amp with no pedals, and also on my new Line 6 DT50 with an HD500. I have tried changing the strings and reseating them several times without any sucess. I have also upgraded to all the latest revisions of the Line 6 Monkey and all of the other associated software/firmware/drivers. I believe doing so does the equivalent of a factory reset on the guitar. I found a settings box in the workbench software that appears to show the individual string gain, and they were all set to 0 dB too. I can't imagine how the settings would have been anything other than the defaults, since I really haven't had a lot of time to dink around with this gear since I got it. Any ideas what I can try to get my D string to normal? Thanks.
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