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  1. So I took a closer look at the Pod HD Pro X by installing the editor - I'm so glad I didthat before buying one! This thing also lacks a proper (4 full freqncy bands) parametric Eq! I'd like to see a model of a high end mic pre such as the Midas XL4, or Avalon 737. My ideal signal path would like something like this: input to mic pre (Avalon 737) split to 2 channels (L&R or High&Low), then: Left/High ch: 4 band PEQ (Midas XL4), '5knob' Compressor (Neve Portico 534, dBx 160, MXR M87), Bass Chorus (Zoom MS100 Bass Chorus), & Reverb Right/Low ch: 4 band PEQ (Midas XL4), '5 knob' Compressor (Neve Portico 534, dBx 160, MXR M87) both channels then routed/combined in a matrix mixer. I may be dreaming, but in a digital modeling environment, this isn't very difficult, and it becomes far more affordable than purchasing all of those devices individually :-)
  2. Hi, I'm a bass player looking at the Pod HD Pro X. When I look at the documentation available, I don't see alot of Bass oriented presets. I'm big fan of bi-amping, so I really like the dual signal path capabilities, it is this feature that has my keenest interest. There are two things that I use alot, which I can't seem to find in the Pro X - a true "5 knob" compressor, and a bass chorus. The compressor I'm looking for allows adjustment of threshold, ratio, attack, release, & gain. The bass chorus I'm looking for has a low frequency roll off feature. Has anyone else run into either of these ideas? Dan :-) Ps: Are any of the presets from the old Bass Pod xt available for the Pod HD Pro X?
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