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  1. Thanks for the information. I've been able to get it to work with one issue. Every time I play there's like a 2 second delay. I tried different output options and I'm not using any delay effects. Any Ideas of what would cause it? I do have the red face spider 112. I hold the tap button when turning it on but haven't tried turning it on without holding it.
  2. okelliheru2 thanks for the information. How should I hook up the 500 to my spider amp? I tried the 1/4 inch out from the mono left and right and ran it into the guitar in on my spider 112 but that didn't work. Thanks.
  3. Thanks for the info y'all. I wasn't going to try to hook it up without knowing for sure. I don't own the cabling for that jack either.
  4. The amp has a pedal jack that can be used for a Line 6 floorboard. The jack looks like a dsl cable jack. I wonder if I can use that
  5. Hello, I have an old Line 6 Spider 112 and was wondering if I can use that as the output for my hd500. Id like to bypass the spider 112 amp models and just use what the HD500 offers instead. Is that possible? Thanks Paul
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