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  1. Just a guess: if you turn up the mix setting (last knob I believe) all the way to one side you'd only hear one voice. Turn it back towards the middle (12 PM) and the second voice will appear. Simple but that got me the first time I tried the harmonizer. Hope that'll do it for you. Ra
  2. Again, thanks for your quick response. If I get that right: I can't even have one expression pedal assigned to tweak parameters on individual effects and use the other expression pedal to control the volume for scenes? If that's the case I'm still not sure what the purpose of two effect slots/pedals is. I was hoping I could significantly shrink the amount of pedals on my board but it looks like I'll still end up with a volume pedal, an EQ and a looper in addition to the M9.
  3. I just got myself an M9. Pretty neat! Is there any effect or setting on the M9 that imitates a double bass sound, or at least a fretless bass sound? Also I'm looking for a clean synth sound effect/setting without tracking issues. The synth effects on theM9 are more sort of fun chance generators (just like on the FM4) but don't allow for much control when playing fast notes. But maybe I'm missing something? Anybody? Appreciate it! Ra
  4. Thanks, Guru! I dig the scenes, parameters and expression settings so far. I was just hoping though there was a quicker way to switch forth and back between scenes, on the fly. Too bad there isn't but hey, maybe I'll get used to the double plus single stomp for switching scenes. You're saying expression pedal 2 can be assigned to different parameters for each FX, independent from expression pedal 1? Let's take a distortion FX as an example: so I could dial in the amount of distortion with the first expression pedal and control treble settings with the second one? Dizzy! Thanks! Ra Since you seem to be pretty familiar with the device, is there a way to save/store loops (similar to the Boss Rc's)?
  5. I'm new to this, just bought the M9. Did anyone ever try to use two expression pedals on the M9, each for different purposes/functions? I'd like to know if it's possible to assign expression settings (like wah, volume or pitch) to expression pedal one and switch between scenes with pedal two. Meaning I want to be able to change scenes on the fly and still have expression capabilities assigned to each effect/scene. If that's not possible, what are the two expression inputs for? What do you use the two expression pedals for? Thanks for shedding some light here. Rapha - - Fender Jaguar (Matz customized with two Haller pickups and tremolo) - Boss GEB-7 - Line6 M9 - MXR M87 - - TC RH 450 - - GK Neo 215
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