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  1. kster68

    Amplifi utility?

    still dont have the amplifi utility, but update has seen it and ive applied the 2.52 update. Appears to have done the job, as i just played over the hills by zeppelin with a 12 string setting that was nice. had a few problems with it dropping connection at first, but after severasl turning offs of app and amp, and removal of the usb lead i think mwe're there. Thanks for your patience mate, i know i; aint the easiest person to deal with, being bipolar. it was getting to the point where if it had an engine and a steering wheel , i'd have driven it into a swimming pool, if i had one of them too lol. seriously, thanks mate. the tuners lit up and the volume. they weren't before. i'lll tackle the board tomorrow lol, enough stress for one day
  2. kster68

    Amplifi utility?

    so as such i am unable to move over to android? The latest monkey doesn't support amplifi or fb mk 11, and the updater is just a black screen saying pick a device, despite me regisdtering 2 devices..any chance that such an important piece of software be made available again?
  3. kster68

    Amplifi utility?

    No offence, but that is where i had assumed it would be, yet for the life of me i can't find the utility there. line 6 updater isn't showing the items i've registered. I'm running a fast tablet, a galaxy S2, TThe app can connect as a bluetooth music player from it, yet evrything else is not there. i can selct the amp in select device, yet when i try device flash it says nothing there. the latest line6 updater doesnt list the fbv express mkii either. All my previous gear from line 6 has been so simple. and the answer is not go buy an i pad, as that turns a 300 quid set up to a 700 set up, Can anyone else see the amplifi utility? I can't
  4. kster68

    Amplifi utility?

    i've registered tthe amp and the floorboard, managed to get songs bluetoothing, but the line 6 updater doesnt show any devices for me to update. bit gutted if ive just paid 300 notes for a bluetooth speaker. where is this mystery amplifi utuility hidden?
  5. kster68

    Amplifi utility?

    So i can get my tablet to connect to the amp, but need to perform a firmware update via 'amplifi utility'. Could anyone point out how i'm supposed to find this elusive piece of software. ive registered the amp,. can find amplify 75, but for all my efforts i cant find a piece of software called amplifi utility
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