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  1. Hallo, I am looking for a speaker which i can connect to the jm4 instead of using headphone or amplifier. Is it possible to use a monitor ? Has this speaker to be an active speaker? Thanks Chris
  2. Hallo, I tried to do my first steps with the jm4. But I cant get any sound out of it. Headphone or Out to Amp....no sound to hear. Looping is possible....without sound... I tried my acoustic and my Electric guitar... no difference. I connected guitar with guitar in, out to Amp to Amp, or plugged in headphone. Seems to be very easy. Is there anything I didn t see? Thanks fo helping me. Greetings Christian
  3. Hello , how can i check which firmwareversion is installed on the JM4 Looper? I bought it last week. Perhaps the firmware is already up to date? Greetings Christian
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