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  1. Try a Midisport UNO. I had the same issue, computer would not find the Pod 2.0 and failed both my Focusrite and a MidiSport 2x2. I don't think Monkey works with Pod 2.0, I think only Line6 Edit. the solution came from this forum though I'm using an iMac (osx 10.6.8) Graze
  2. Thanks, So by setting the output as described, I had actually disabled the cab from the line output? The cab was pretty subtle so I wasn't sure if it was outputting 'air' or not. Thanks for the info, I'm enjoying it, I may buy it from him.
  3. Hi, I'm borrowing a mate's XTlive and can't seem to turn off the cabs. I'm gigging tomorrow (ish) and will be putting the xt into the house backline at the gig (hopefully in the fx return). I thought by choosing ">output>dest>combo pwr amp" it would disable the cab and "air" settings but while monitoring on headphones I can still hear the "air". Will I have to disable each preset individually? thanks G
  4. Hi, hopefully someone can help. I have a Pod Pro (rackmount). I'm trying to "re-amp" from Logic. I have output 3 from Logic carrying a dry guitar signal to "line level input" on Pod. Although I do get the re-amped sound, it is also swamped in hiss. The hiss changes tone/volume as I switch to different amp models and also gets affected by the effects. The amount of hiss decreases as I turn the gain down but is still present on the clean setting on the Pod. The hiss is present through the Pod's headphone output as well as the main output. Any ideas? Graze
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