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  1. Not at all helpful sweetie. Thank you for your kind, accurate and concise answer. I have to disagree. I'm not a Helix owner, I was doing this for my church, so I was starting cold. I downloaded the latest version of HXEdit as instructed by the info on the Line 6 web site ( have you used this latest version for a firmware upgrade, out of curiosity? Perhaps things have changed or I'm blind as a bat) and ran the update through that. While it was very clear that I should make a backup, which I did, it was not at all clear I would need to use it to restore global settings. If you google "Line 6 Helix Firmware update", which I did before the update, none of the top hits mentions having to restore Global settings as a normal part of the process. I've done firmware updates on more device than I can count over the last 25 years, and this is the first time I've ever had to use restore as a normal part of the process. Restore has always a disaster recovery process, so my mind went to "last resort". And while a really nice feature, I wasn't expecting the restore feature to have selectivity of what can be restored. So experience, intuition and unclear install instructions all worked against this Helix newb.
  2. Hi, I just updated the firmware on a Helix LT and it changed my footswitch global settings. Was it supposed to do that? What else might it have changed? I didn't set this Helix up, someone at the church did it, so I don't know what other changes from default in global settings might have been made. Any insight is greatly appreciated!
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