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  1. I tried asking about this before but got no response...(though lots of view...THANKS GUYS :D ). So I thought I'd try to clarify it more in hopes of getting assitance. Plugging a pair of headphones into the headphone jack leaves me with either no audio on one side or the audio is very very low and sometimes distorted. Think Phill Anselmo in "F**king Hostile". Additionally, if I connect a TRS-to-stereo splitter 1/4" cable from the same jack to the inputs of my audio interface to record, I get the same signal issue, along with an unpleaseent squeal that sounds like bad AM radio interference. So, I'm assuming the jack has gone bad and probably needs to be replaced but I wanted to see if anyone else as had similar issues or if this is a fluke for these amps? I'm comfortable enough working with electronics, soldering and all that...so I don't have an issue replacing it if it'll save me a ton.
  2. So I recently got back into playing again and I've noticed a couple of issues that I'm quite positive are related to my amp. I can't tell if my headphone jack needs to be replaced or if it's something else. I'm inclined to think it's the headphone jack or the cable..but my troubleshooting efforts haven't narrowed it down 100% yet. Something else I noticed.....and this is within the past 24 hours..when powering up the amp, sometimes there's this big "THUNK", as if maybe the transformer is has a spasm or something. I also noticed a slight vibration. So, it my transformer going bad and in need of a replacement?
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