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  1. Worldwide smartphone sales to end users by operating system in 2013 Android   79.0% iOS   14.2% Windows Phone   3.3% BlackBerry   2.7% Other   0.9% Mobile OS Market Share as of 2nd quarter 2013 Gartner[15] Thank you for your answers Rowbi. I just read this on wikipedia. Well, Line 6, have fun with your 14,2%. Cheers
  2. Well I hope the Android app will come soon, but they could have done it from the start. About the Ipod touch, it's still 250€, more than half the amp.
  3. Hi, I loved the idea of the amplifi but I see a major problem that IMHO will decrease the sales of what could have been a best-seller: You need an Iphone/tablet to use this amp! Maybe in America everybody has an apple product, but here in Europe most of us have an Android phone/tablet, maybe about 5% has an Iphone. So I'd buy this amp because it is what I was searching for, but, I have to buy an Iphone to be able to use it? Why can't you make an app for Android? Is it cooler if it only works with Apple? Line 6 has disapointed me greatly, I'm not gonna buy this amp just because I can't spend 500€ more in a phone/tablet to be able to use it.
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