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    New questions

    Thank you for the response :) I dont have a lot of experience tweaking. I am looking for a light weight easy to use setup with versatility of different instrument sounds for small gigs. This certainly seems to fit the bill :) I was hoping this would replace my Roland GT-100 Fender amp rig. Gt-100 has a very nice acoustic simulator. Will have wait and see. Thanks again :)
  2. Ozzyk12

    New questions

    I am a buyer interested in buying Spider V 1 12 or 2 12. I tried it and I like it but I have questions that music store cant answer? 1- Does Spider V have an acoustic simulator? 2- Is the full range on at all times or only on some patches? 3- How does the amp handle the tweeter? If you are starting a new patch? 4- Can I play guitar synth or an acoustic guitar and expect it to play full range? Or do I need to tweak or Eq the tweeter in? Thank you Ozzy
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