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  1. Valhaller

    Spider IV, 75 - Reverb problem

    I found the right firmware update and now I have all the different reverb types :-) So thank you for your advice! Regards, Jan
  2. Valhaller

    Spider IV, 75 - Reverb problem

    Thanks. Yes, I have a FBV Shortboard MK II. I will search for some firmware update. I'm new here so I think I will need some time to find the correct one. I'm a bit worried because - as I wrote above - I already have another Spider IV 75 with all the reverb types which were also available after setting this amp back to the default settings. But perhaps you are right and there are different models of the Spider IV 75 - one model with all the reverb typs included and another without. Does anyone know anything about it?
  3. Hello Line 6 Community, I bought a second Spider IV, 75. Normally, you can choose between different types of reverb by moving the presets regulator. Starting with Lux Spring and Vintage Plate over Chamber, Medium Hall, Large Hall, Dark Hall until Cavernous .... (I hope, you know what I mean). The problem with my new Spider IV, 75 is that I can only choose between Lux Spring and Vintage Plate :-( Where are all the other great reverb types? Can anyone help me, please? I don't think that I have to update something. I always thought, the different reverb types belong to this amplifier or am I wrong? Regards, Jan