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  1. Hi, I want to use the XLR out of my Helix (Stomp) to run direct. I use a Mackie DL1608 and it's all or none on phantom power, and need it for other devices. I know i can use a DI box, but the phantom blocker is smaller and i plan on integrating it in my pedal board, and just leave it always plugged in inline. My question is, does any one just leave it plugged into their helix regardless of if the venue/board? I think that's fine, but the disclaimer on the Triton site made me a little nervous: Important ! Before connecting the device you wish to shield from Phantom power make sure Phantom blocker is attached, have Phantom power switched on and wait 5 seconds during which Phantom blockers internal bleeder resistors will cancel out voltage differences. Connecting in this order prevents the transfer of an initial AC voltage burst created by the Phantom power switching on. Any reason to be concerned, or just leave it inline and not worry about order of power on? Sescom have the same 'feature'? Thanks for any input -jim
  2. I guess just to add to it, even though phantom power is a standard, i assume there could be different equipment that acts differently, so in my case, the phantom power from a Mackie DL1608 and a Behringer 14usb (something like that) does display the issue.
  3. So..... Just confirmed, Phantom power does indeed affect the HX Stomp drastically. My phantom power has been on this whole time (two different mixers) and that was causing my issues. I'm pretty happy i figured out what the issue was, as i really wanted to incorporate this in my setup, and now i can. (and the fact i was convincing myself that i was crazy and making it up). I'd record a video, but not sure the tonality will come through that great, but my impression was switching back and fourth was it's very similar to a set of headphones... with phantom power on, it's like what you hear when the headphones are hanging around your neck, and with phantom power off, its like they're on your ears correctly :).
  4. So, I've done a little more testing. First off, i bought a second unit. Exactly the same (returned it). I use my HX (and HD before) as a full simulator. So direct into the board. We have an XLR subsnake that goes from stage front to the board. I used to plug directly in to that from the HD500 with the XLR connection. Since the HX Stomp has TRS 1/4 balanced connections, i was using a 1/4 TRS to XLR cable to go into the subsnake. Sounds thin as hell. Everything sounds good in headphones, so i ensured the signal path was flat... all the way through the mixer to JBL PRX-612s. I then went out of the HX Stomp with a TS 1/4" cable into a direct box to XLR to sub-snake. Totally different (and fuller) tone. I also tried 1/4 TS to a 1/4-XLR transformer adapter. Slightly different tone, but still full. So it seems like the main mono out TRS isn't balanced or it's doing something that thins out the tone. Can anyone else confirm this behavior? Any thoughts? thanks -jim
  5. Duh, wasn't thinking about mic/xlr phantom power, was thinking of powerline interference. I'll test both tonight and report back
  6. Hmm, not familiar, but i did add this to a pedal board with two other transformers plugged into an extension cord last week and the behavior "may" have appeared after that. I was re-plugging in audio signal cables to eliminate that chain from causing it, but didn't think to isolate power. I'll try that tonight. thanks
  7. Thanks So i've tried it in two different boards.. flat settings on both. One then goes out through a set of studio speakers, the other is out live rig, and out through in-ear monitors. I've checked that the Stomp output is line out, and i've tried swapping back and fourth between the HD500 and the Stomp. Overall levels are the same, it's just that the Stomp just sounds like there's no body to it. It's not that there's something so wrong that it doesn't sound like a guitar or anything, just not full. i understand that my explanation isn't great, and it's opinion, but if i play unaltered factory presets on the HD500 vs unaltered presets on the Stomp, there's a difference. I know presets stink, there's differences in the two devices, etc. I guess i would liken it to what it would sound like coming from a 5" speaker vs a 12". I'm assuming now that i'm not missing any global setting or anything, as it seems like the only thing is instrument vs line out. It's not bad enough to say it's a bad unit, but i'd assume that others would have mentioned the same 'problem' if they all sounded thin out of the box. Maybe i should exchange it just to eliminate that possibility. -jim
  8. Thanks for the input. Since i bypassed the whole helix era, i think i'm a little behind. For the ones i've creates, i did use the amp/cab combos. I was assuming they were the same tone wise, just maybe not as configurable as using a separate amp and cab block? IR is totally new to me, and just now looking up what it is. That being said, i'm pretty sure i don't have any associated. Also doesn't look like i have any in my environment. Why aren't there any in there for the defaults? thanks -jim
  9. Hi, I have a new Stomp (moving from an HD500). I'm going directly into the board, and i'm using both factory DIR: presets and ones i've custom made. All sound very thin, like no bass or grunt, and a little buzz-saw like. I've checked the output, set to line. A/B testing with the HD500, it's much fatter and full sounding. I've adjusted the Global EQ, maxing out the low, which brings up the low end, but it's still not fat sounding at all. Am i missing something? Thanks for any input -jim
  10. So, in snapshot mode, i can choose a snapshot of the current preset (1 of 3) and/or i can push FS1 and FS2 or FS2 and FS3 to "queue" the previous/next bank of presets. Once doing that, does it show those 3 presets, then you select one of them and it goes directly to the snapshots for that preset? If i'm on snapshots for say 14B, can i get to 14A, or have to go to the 15's? Thanks again for you help. I could just wait till i get it in a week, but just curious :) -jim
  11. Thanks @Kilrahi for looking into it. So, first, is it easy to step on fs1 and fs2 at that same time? And second, that still wouldn't allow me to easily get into snapshots without bending down to get into that mode, right? Wonder if a single external switch to switch between preset and snapshot modes would work? Thanks again, appreciate it -jim
  12. Hi, I have a question about the Foot Switch configuration. First, here's my use case: I'm in a cover band. I have a preset for each song (say 50 songs). I currently use a pod HD500. I currently use fs1 on the HD500 on some presets for what would be equivalent to snapshots on the Stomp; maybe boosts gain/delay/etc for a solo, then i can click fs1 to revert back to the standard preset. So i need to move though presets, and would like to have access to snapshots (or maybe just 1). I don't need the tuner. Can i customize the switches to be a combination of preset scroll and snapshot? I guess i can always add external foot switches, but just thought i'd throw it out there for any creative solution i don't see in the manual. BTW, my stomp is on order, don't have it yet to try things, just trying to prepare :) thanks 0jim
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