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  1. Hello! Fairly new to the forum in the sense of posting. I am expecting a few people to be a bit shocked as my amp is rather old. I bought a Line 6 Spider III 75 Watt quite a few years ago, been my main amp both for gigs and just for jamming about with, never had a fault with it. Just been playing through it and I have my foot pedal plugged into it (the one it came with) and went to tune my guitar, tuned it, then tapped one of the channel buttons on my pedal and I have 3 metal settings and one clean and no matter which one I pressed they were all clean. I was a bit confused at this. I then turned off my amp and turned it back on and attached is a picture of what the display is coming up with constantly. Not doing anything no sound, no buttons are flashing and there isn't anything I can do with it. I'm tight on cash and just wondering are there any fixes for this problem or is it worth just saving for a new amp? Like I said I've had it for quite a few years and not had a problem with it. Many Thanks Even more thanks for quick replies hehehe Rob
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