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  1. Hey Guys, Kinldy spend some minutes helping me out... i'd be greatfull.... I Just bought the pod hd 500 about 5 months... and i'll be playing my first gig with it on the 10th of August 2013... i really need some help.... Kindly help me out by answering me in the order below.. plz dont post any YOUTUBE links... 1. Am planning to connect it directly to the PA using XLR outputs... Since this is my first gig with the pod.. i dont wanna mess it up... and i can't take the risk,. by connectng it to an amplifire provided on stage.. as it might tweek the frequency... so what are your suggestions??? 2. Where do i set my XLR levels (near the footswitch) i.e. should i switch the knob to Ground or Lift ? 3. Where to i set my 1/4" out i.e. should i switch the knob to Line or Amp ? 4. At home i connect the pod to an external speaker(Not an Amplifire) and sometimes to the pc speakers & headphones (Since i wanna run the Pod's inbuilt amp effects). I fear that my home settings might not have the same punch n tone feel if i connect it to the PA while playing Live, am i right??? Plz give me some tips...... 5. All i know is that i have to set my outmode to "Studio/Direct" mode? Kindly help me out friends, Id b greatfull... Just a small request... Thnkx
  2. Hello Friends, Can u guys help me out with this...? I use the pod hd 500 and the schecter omen 8, i really need some help with the djent tone... Can u guys tell me how to set the Parametric eq settings on my pod to get the djent tone.... how do i set my eq's on the pod.. ? The frequency? what does the low cut n boost mean? How do i adjust the frequency since everythng is in % ? what does the "q" do? or can u share with me ur eq settings for the tone... I would be gratefull if u'd help.... in details... Plz dont pose youtube links.. am tired of checkin videos..
  3. Thankx alot my friend.... jus 1 more qstion,, While playing live... do i need to tell the sound man to set his eq's to 0, so that i can run directly with my pod eq?
  4. Hi Friends, I've been using the pod hd 500 for two months now... n am still confused with its functions... i've read the 4 cab method n all stuffs... i have some questions for you guys.. if u cud help me out... 1. I;ve played live with my pod and the problem is that i dont knw what to do with my effects... should i run/adjust the amp settings on the pod i.e. bass treb n mid.. for playing live or should i off them n run through the guitar amp 's(Which the sound man provides my band) setting or run the settings on the sound man's mixer. cuz when i use my pod settings.. the sound man adjust his treble n mids settings on his mixer board.. n my tone gets very harsh...(Its like setting both the bass, mids, and treble on my pod and on the mixer board) what should i do? 2. On stage i cannot use the 4 cab method... so can i plug in the jack on the phones input to get a stereo sound.. or will the left/right mono output be enough? 3. what about the line/amp switch near the footswitch.. shoud i switch it to amp or line... while playing live... cuz my guitar output is connected to an amp then the amp is connected to the mixer,.... so am confused... 4. What about my output settings.. turning it to Studio/direct will help??? cuz i find the stack n other setting messing up my sound... Plz help me out guys i have a gig this week.. and i dont wanna get messed up again... plz answer in details.. would be very greatfull... thnkx
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