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  1. Hi Everyone; After some research (and a little getting hyped and excited from online vids) on getting a new Shuriken, the local Rockshop in Wellington (NZ) got the Ash coloured one I wanted in from one of their other stores for me to try out. I went in, prepared and cashed up ready to leave the store with it. But then I saw it - (see images). I have 3 other guitars which i've had > 6 years use of, that don't have fretboards looking this bad (I don't have fingernails!). The edges have cuts along em midway down the board like someone had bent the strings a bit too far, and weirdly, right in the places one would have expected them to be, ie, not at the top. Black marks are all exactly between frets, and don't go across any frets for example. Checking another Shuriken (black one) from on the shelf, it was mint compared to this, although this one had a damaged knob, so I didn't take that either. I asked about the fretboard and was told it was normal for a brand spanking fretboard - which is what I'm here to ask you all. It didn't feel right - so I left empty handed, feeling disappointed like someone is trying to pull a fast one. The session went otherwise well - I came with my laptop pre-installed with Workbench staying despite, and finally worked out how this machine worked. (I wanted to work out if the issues with droning harmonics was as bad as some posters say.) After playing, there was no offer to cut a deal on the RRP. I'm ultimately sold on the product, and trying to find another way to purchase one. I may have to wait till my next trip away. tl-dr; ignoring all else, should a new guitar look like this? would you accept a new guitar at full price that looked this way? Thanks everyone, in advance, for your 2 peneth worth!
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