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  1. Hi all I downloaded a patch from worship guitar tutorials and when I switch between snapshots it makes a funny "adjusting" sound. It is almost like every delay and tone setting audibly adjusts. I can't have this on stage. This is only while I am playing a note or chord and I switch. Can anyone please help in telling me how to fix this issue? Thanks
  2. Here is another example in same song.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H8OL19p1l3s&t=63s
  3. Yip I have that patch. I will try the advice.
  4. I tried simple delay and all others. Had feedback up to 80% and still cant get that repetitive sound. If you listen to video the feedback delay keeps on going longer than any delay on the helix. I would also think that the dotted 1/8 should be a standard timing. If you look at the video the dotted 1/8 basically gives him an extra note in between his picks.
  5. Hi all I am trying to get the exact same delay setting as on this video but to no avail. I have tried everything and I am quite frustrated. The delay is just not as pronounced as with feedback and dies to fast. I have tried timings and dotted 1/8 but it just does not sound the same. Any advice?
  6. Hi all I would like to know how to connect my Digitech drop pedal to my helix. I do not want to add it to loop but have it as the first pass through before it is processed by the helix. It needs to be the same setup for every patch to have the option to have the down-tuned signal pass to the helix before anything else. Could someone please assist me with this? Thanks
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