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  1. Hi, I’m still lovin‘ the EQ-CabSim, but I wonder how can I even get closer to my real Cab Sound. Through the cab it still sounds a bit richer, fuller, smoother and warmer than through the CabSim into my PA. Any ideas to improve the EQ-CabSim, that it sounds less digital ( if that makes sense ). Btw, I’m using a Mesa TC 50 ( 80% High Gain ) and a Port City 212V with 2 WGS Invader loaded. Helix is just for effects and Cab Sim. Thanks Markus
  2. The more I play/tweak, the more I love this EQ-CabSim. It does everthing I missed with the IR's. Awesome !
  3. Wow, checked that out yesterday. That's awesome ! Have hundreds of IR's from Ownhammer, Redwirez, Fremen, Sigma, Rosen ..... But that sounds fantastic ! Thanks Markus
  4. Hi, I’m using a Helix Rack without the Helix Controller, but a Liquid Foot Pro +, which works perfectly with the Helix Rack. Now I want to switch my Suhr Riot Pedal with the Ext Amp Switch. Without the Helix Controller I have no idea how to do that. My goal is to assign a CC# to the Ext Amp switch. How can I assign a CC# to the Ext Amp switch ? FYI, I’m using just one Preset and switch then all Snapshots, Effect on/off etc. per CC’s with my Liquid foot controller. I tried to assign footswitch 1 to Ext Amp in the command center already. I know the fixed CC for FS1 is 49 (see manual page 57), but my Helix respectively my Suhr Riot is not reacting. I’m not sure, if the problem is the Suhr Pedal or the Helix. In the past, the Riot works perfect with different midi switchers. Any ideas ? Thanks Markus
  5. Yes, I know these, but I like LED's on the switches.
  6. Too Bad ! Would be so comfortable. Yeah, this 6 - button thingee is the MorningstarFX MC-6 I guess. I think I will grab that, although 8-buttons would be better :-) Thanks !
  7. Hi, due to the Snapshot function I need more switches. Is there any chance to run the Helix Control with the Helix Floor Unit ? My Idea is to run the Helix Control in Snapshots Mode and the Helix Floor in 10 Stomps mode ( or vice versa ). Thanks Markus Btw, Snapshots are great !!!!!
  8. maxl03

    Screamer 808 - EQ

    You're right and to be honest, I didn't want to measure a real TS. I want to measure the Helix Screamer. Will try tomorrow to measure by ear. Maybe Line6 can help and explain, what they have done ( EQ-wise ) Thanks to all for recommendations so far.
  9. maxl03

    Screamer 808 - EQ

    No sorry, I know the default values. I would like to built up a EQ Block with the tone shape of the screamer but without the Gainboost and don't know where to set bass cut, mid boost etc.
  10. maxl03

    Screamer 808 - EQ

    Hi, for my distorted sounds I’m using the Screamer 808. I love the tone shaping. Sometimes I would like to have exactly the same tone shaping ( mid boost & bass cut ) but without the Gainboost. My idea is to toggle between the Screamer and a EQ. Does anyone know the exact bass, mid, tone settings of the screamer, before I start with try & error :) Thanks Markus
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