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  1. Thanks for all the replies! Yeah, I forgot to mention, I had read that and tried that as well. Didn't have anything plugged in but the power and it still didn't work. Looks like the best option is to buy a new jack, install it, and try to flash the firmware with USB
  2. Hi, My POD HD500 was working fine one night, I unplugged it, went to bed, and the next morning it was stuck in a boot loop. I did not move it or anything, I just unplugged it. Anyway, I tried the left d-pad button on startup, which doesn't do anything. The down d-pad button elicits a "update flash" prompt, and the right d-pad button brings up another screen. However, my usb jack has been broken for a while now (I haven't done anything about it because I mostly edit tones directly on the unit, and use a different audio interface) so I do not have a way of reloading the firmware. I'm guessing that it's probably worth it to order a new usb jack and try to reflash the firmware, yes? unless the left button not doing anything is a sign that the usb won't help anyway. Anyone have a link for the best place to order the jack? Also, a few of my footswitches were giving me problems so I swapped the ones that I used regularly for ones that worked consistently and vice versa. A good place to buy the microswitches would be appreciated as well. Any other suggestions are also very much appreciated. Thanks, JB
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