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  1. Yes I am using an XLR to XLR. The inputs are correctly selected I can hear the mic. The Issue is that I have guitar tracks in my project that were recorded using the ux2 and the mic track is inaudible when I play them together unless I boost the gain. In doing so reduces the clarity of the vocals I recorded. Thanks for the monitoring tip definitely solved that issue!
  2. Hey so I'm new to home recording and have a Shure SM58 hooked to the ux2. I'm am using garageband for track recording and am having an issue where I can barely hear my mic at full volume without cranking up gain settings on garageband. I have tried messing with the gain knobs on the ux2 but that results in either noise or feedback. I have also tried using the preamps on pod farm 2 without success. Any suggestions? I'm using a MacBook Pro 2012 2.6 GHz
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