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  1. Please advise on floorboard wah-wah issue. I'm having the same issue and line6 does not have anybody available to assist. Cannot open a ticket as I bought the floorboard from a resale site and could not register the board.
  2. Ok so with a little research and a new cable I have it all working now. Only one problem... The wah sounds like it's stuck in the halfway position. Any ideas there?
  3. Got a new cable and it works now... Just not the tuner or the wah.
  4. Well line 6 told me that it is a genuine product of line 6. They also confirmed that the format of the registration will not allow the serial number to be input. That doesn't matter as they no longer support this product anyway.
  5. Well thanks for that eye opener, Billbee. Are you a paid "tech" or do you do this pro-form?
  6. Ok. It was not flashing. It was steady. And the floorboard WAS connected to the amp. Try to actually read what is written. It helps clarify. This is the kind of help I've been getting from line 6. Not much help, is it?
  7. The display readout says "E1" after a master reset of my amp. When I hit the save button on my amp, the readout said "5-1" for a few seconds and then went back to E1. I'm beginning to think I have an amp malfunction
  8. I am gonna try to upload a picture of the display.
  9. I'm about to sell my line 6 floorboard and amp and advise people to steer clear. It's becoming evident that line 6 is only interested in ataboys and sales.
  10. I'm not confused as much as line 6 has incompetent help. I have a flextone ii ultra and a floorboard. It ain't working and I can't get the advice I need to resolve it.
  11. The erroneous info was that of the pedalboard controlling my flextone. First I was told any would work then I was told only two would do it. When I told her I had the floorboard, she said it wouldn't work. Hahahhaha
  12. Not what I was told Billbee. A support rep said there are different generation levels in a model build. I am aware flextone ii is the second version flextone. Support indicated a long board may not work with my amp if it's a second generation flextone ii. This is the same person who said any pedalboard would work with it.
  13. My floorboard has a serial number that apparently isn't acceptable in the product registration format. Should be seventeen digits long and instead is more like nine. Anybody else having issue with this? I bought mine from a resale place in Houston. Line 6 support have been feeding me erroneous information and I need real help with this question.
  14. How do I decipher my serial number to find out which generation my flextone ii is?
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