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  1. Ok guys i factory ressetted the Pod GO and it works now! Thanks for all the tips!
  2. 1.Guitar In Pad = Off 2. Main out Level is = Instrument 3. Amp out Source is = Main Out Is there anyway to reset the pod to factory standard and try everything again?
  3. I moved the Amp and Cab to the last 2 FX blocks in the preset. That didnt help Tried using the amp out didnt gave any sound at all. Im completely lost
  4. The amp stil makes sound through my cab so its no a volume issue Any effects i turn on after the Mono FX Block just dont do anything to the sound. I tried both FX loops aswell, Tried different cable's but nothing.
  5. I have some Boss pedal's im borrowing and when i put those in the FX loop they work... Its defintly a thing thats wrong with the pod.
  6. Hello! Yesterday ive recieved my POD GO unit! I want to do the 4 cable method with my ENGL Invader 100. Guitar - > tuner - > OD -> Guitar in on the pod Pod FX Return -> AMP FX send POD FX Send -> AMP Guitar in POD Main out Left Mono -> AMP FX Return Ive put the Mono FX block on the pod on. Every effect i put infront of the Mono FX block WORKS. Every effect ( tried all reverbs and delays) i put after the Mono FX block Dont affect the sound at all. My amp has an Dry/wet FX loop knob wich i tried from 0%(dry) to 100%(wet) That didnt do anything at all. Am i missing an something that i needed to change? Ive tried everything in my knowledge but cant get it to work.
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