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  1. Thank you Guru. I took the pod to a Roland qualified technician in Irun, my litte city (here in Spain Line6 hasn't a technical services and qualified personnel approved by line6) and told me that it was not a problem of photocell or mechanical problem. I want to get to the end of the volume pedal calibration process to be able to validate or reject this path. In this sense, I have come to activate the wah light when I put my weight on the toe position. And now what? When I finish this way, if I don't get results, I will try to do BillBee suggests me: reinstall the operating system (flash memory).
  2. When you say "reflash the firmware", you mean to do the factory reset process? Sorry, but I'm a little awkward for these things. If it's the same thing, yes, I did, but the problem of the change in volume of the pod appeared again shortly afterwards. For this reason attempt to calibrate the volume pedal, before making another reset, if it had done wrong process, and again losing my sounds. Uf (the sound of my desperate sigh, or it's yours?)
  3. Once the "AMP" button is pressed the numbers start to move alone. It is then when I load the weight at the tip of the pedal which the wah light is activated. Then I move the pedal to heel position. If I leave the pedal still, there comes a time in which figures stop alone, accompanying the words MIN, RAW, SCALED and MAPPED. I have not written these figures, but I remember that the figure that accompanies MAPPED is 127, both for pedal in heel position, as in the toe position. I don't know if the figures are the same really. If I move the pedal, the numbers start to change it again until they stop after a while with the same figures. The MAPPED value for the heel position of the pedal should be 0? If so, how can I get it?
  4. OK, now I understand. Finally, I managed to occur the wah light making more pressure on the tip of the pedal. I'm already moving. I'am also very happy... My problem now is what can I do with the numbers that appear on the display, and moving quickly. I leave that the device he move them alone until they stop? Are the same figures for the pedal in position from heel to tip position? Thank you
  5. Hi: I hardly use the wah effect of the pod xt live, because I use a external vox wah, but I tested the wah effect of the multi-effects on any song and yes, turns on the red light of the wah and volume pedal green light turns off. The effect works. What do you mean when you say that the pedal needs "a pretty good push to get the switch to activate the wah"? I must move the pedal up and down until I can hear a click and the wah light turn on?
  6. Thanks for responding. I have followed these steps, but I have not been able to follow after the third: I don't hear any click on the volume pedal to the toe, or see the lights of the indicator of wah.The truth is that I do not know how to move forward.
  7. Hello: The pod xt live's volume comes up suddenly and the volume pedal fails to work when trying to balance the sound . After a while the volume returns to the initial level. Therefore, I can not use the pod. For this reason, I did a factory reset, but the problem persists ( Maybe I did something wrong, I don't know). After this, I have tried to first calibrate the volume pedal with the help of the instructions of the line6 tecnical support forum, but I wasn't able to do so succesfully. These are the steps that I have followed: 1. I disconnect everything except the power cable. 2. I turn on the unit while press the key "UP BANK". 3. RAW, MIN, SCALED and MAPPED words appear along with figures on the display. The next step is to press the key "AMP" of the pod. However, I see the digits changing quickly without letting me time to modify them. 4. I move de pedal from heel to front position several times, but I don't hear the expected "click" and the "wha" indicator light doesn't turn on, as the instructions said. Here I'm lost and I can't continue. If someone could help me, it would be great, and if I solve the problem, a blessing.
  8. Hi. I have followed the instructions for calibrating the pedal's volume of the Pod xt live, but to move the pedal towards the heel and move it forward any "click" is heard and to keep it tight for 10 seconds no green light does not light.However, I have noticed an improvement, although the volume of the Pod continues to change. I think that it is a software problem. Meanwhile, I'll try to use my other "Boss" volume pedal to control the volume of the Pod, as you recommend me. It seems a good idea. Gracias -B Edu
  9. Hello. I've put the pod xt live potentiometers zero and it did not work. The volume rises only and stays there. Volume pedal does not work in this case. I have rotated the button that lies behind the pod to regulate the genaral output to a suitable volume level. So I can play a little, until suddenly, the volume of the appliance back to its original level. Soon, the volume rises again. I don't understand what happens.
  10. Thanks, UberGuru line6 expert. Follow your advice. I hope to be able to plug the guitar soon and try your advice. I hope it works and I can continue to enjoy the great tones of the pod with my band. I will inform you of the result.
  11. The volume of my pod xt live changes and rises suddenly when it is playing. It occurs in any Bank, clean or with distortion, for no apparent reason. I did reset to return to factory sounds and begin to edit new sounds the problem once again to appear. I've taken the multi-effects a qualified and has not found any mechanical cause. The warranty has already expired. I don't know what I can do. What can I do?
  12. Hola, desde España: El volumen mi pod xt live se dispara y sube de repente, como un booster, en cualquier banco, tenga distorsión o no, hasta que vuelve a bajar a su nivel original en cualquier momento. Lo he llevado a un técnico cualificado y no ha encontrado la causa mecánica. He reseteado la pedalera con monkey y gear box y he configurado nuevos sonidos. Parecía que el problema había desaparecido, pero el problema ha vuelto a aparecer. He llegado a pensar que pudiera ser un problema de falta de ajuste del efecto de comprensión... No sé, soy aprendiz en la edición de sonidos, pero creo que eso afectaría a ese banco, no a todos. No puedo disfrutar de los buenos sonidos del pod en la banda porque sube el volumen de repente y estropea el trabajo de mis compañeros. No sé cuál puede ser la causa. La garantía ya expiró ¿Alguien tiene alguna idea que pueda ayudarme?
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