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  1. Thanks, I will give this a shot and it I can't get it working I will just use the 3 cable method for normal effects loop. I have a Dark Terror, there is not effects on or off or anything like that. Guitar to Amp Input, Amp Send FX to Firehawk Guitar Input Firehawk Send to Amp Return FX
  2. Ok, so I hooked it up this way and now I don't have any control of my Dark Terror. The Volume, Gain and Shape don't do much of anything at all. Everything is controlled by the FireHawk FX, where I can't use my amps gain/volume/shape at all.
  3. Thanks, I will lookup how to run the 4 cable method and see how this works for me.
  4. Good Morning, I am having a problem getting the Reverb effect I want. While switching between the different Reverbs, they all pretty much sound the same and have the same choices on my tablet for the selection of parameters like decay/mix/ etc...... I am not going into the effects loop in the back of my amp, I am just plugging straight into the amp. Should I maybe move where the Reverb is in the chain while in the FireHawk app, or are others having the same problem with all Reverbs sounding pretty much the same?
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