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  1. This has been going on for a while, but now it's really bugging me. The upper sweep on the wah is way too warm, won't go into the funk-zone. I go into "Foot Control" and the upper sweep position reads 90. I reset it to 121 or so, save it, and as soon as I move the pedal, it reverts back to 90. Have I simply forgotten something? I really hope so. Thanks.
  2. I'll do that. It's definitely inside the unit itself, as it still makes the noise with no cable plugged into it. Thank you.
  3. ME TOO!!! Mine sounds like someone is using a very small hand mixer. Even if I unplug it from the guitar, or even unplug the cable from the transmitter, it persists. It stops, if I touch the transmitter housing between the cable and the antenna. Any words of wisdom???
  4. ...sadly, I think they have forgotten us ;-)
  5. I'm not sure. I assumed they were the same speakers...A couple of patches I've made over the years, started out a bit woofy but I was able to fix 'em. The "Meshuggah" tone I made for my 8-string (Big Bottom model) wanted to woof at me, but that was to be expected. It was easy to tame though. The combo really sounds amazingly tight, even at volume, in live situations. The Weber, Beam Blockers really help out too. They even everything out.... but that's a different topic, entirely.
  6. Yup. I did it. I'm a lifelong DIY'er. I enclosed the back and installed Fender kick-back legs on it. I've always used closed-back cabs, so it was the first thing I did, when I got the combo. It sounds awesome!!!
  7. Holy crap, Batman!!! I just bought a Vetta cabinet, in perfect condition, on Reverb.com for $150.00! Nailed it!!! I think we'll call this issue, resolved. Woo hoo!!! Thanks again.
  8. It's very odd that these speakers have a bad rep. I play 6, 7 and 8-string guitars, using everything from clean to vintage to metal tones. The speakers sound amazing. They reproduce even the lowest frequencies, with authority! That's a great idea, to try to find people selling the discarded speakers. I've been trying to find one of the cabs, for ages, but no luck... I'll keep trying. Maybe I'll contact Celestion, and see if they can offer an alternative??? I'll let you guys know if I have any luck. Thanks.
  9. I need to figure out which speakers I can buy, that are like the Celestions in my Vetta Combo. I know they don't make them anymore, but I'm sure that the design didn't just disappear. I want to put together a 2x12 cabinet that sounds like my combo's cab, that I can use with my HD. My combo (wich has a closed back) sounds SO much better than my HD, and Marshall 4x12. The combo just sounds...real; if that makes sense? I ran my combo's speaker-out, into the 4x12, and it sounded like the HD: dumpy and lifeless. So, I believe that the speakers are the issue. Maybe I'm wrong? Any suggestions?
  10. I ended up just bringing out my old HD and using is as a backup drive. Basically, I used what I had. My desktop interface has no midi connections (really????), so I gave up...for now. Thanks again.
  11. Thanks DickFoster. I'll try that. You're right. I only used Monkey to update my Vettas. Maybe it was MidOx I used to use for backing up. Too many brain cells ago, I guess... I'll keep at it. SS
  12. Back in the dark ages, I used my old PC with Monkey, to update my Vettas and backup my patches. I now have a 27" iMac and am still using my Vettas, exclusively. I'm getting a little superstitious about my Vettas and I really want to backup my patches to this machine. It's a litle clunky to pull out my other HD, to use as backup drive. I downloaded Monkey the other day, but it appears that it doesn't support Vettas. Any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Steve.
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