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  1. Hello all, I live in Brazil and I am traveling to the US next month to buy me a James Tyler Variax guitar. I was trying to get a JTV89F reserved for me a ta Guitar Center store, but this seems to be harder than it sounds. The manager says they do not have it in store stock, the entire chain has only 3 units, and I should order it at a GC store as soon as I arrive in the US. I didn't like that idea since I'll be in the US for one week only, and if the guitar does not arrive I will leave the country empty handed. So I decided to search other options. While doing that I got some new questions: 1. price for the JTV89F is US$ 1500, while JTV89 can be purchased for $750 at discounted price... is the only difference the floating bridge? Do you guys think a floating bridge is worth 750 dollars? 2. I am more a Fender guy than a Gibson on,.but I also like a humbucker in the bridge and I use 22 frets in some songs. I am also considering getting a JTV69 (about $800) instead of the 89F, since it has a tremolo bar and 22 frets, with a bridge humbucker on some models. There is no song I play right now that go all the way up to the 24th fret, and my use of the bar is always down (pushing the bar), never up. Is there anything on the 89f so much better than the 69, other than those features I mentioned I do not use? 3. I will need a case to bring the guitar in the airplane. I was thinking about buying a SKB. Will the 69 fit on a Stratocaster specific case? Any case recommendation? Thank you all, Marcelo
  2. Thank you all for the answers. I guess that since I intend to buy the VDI cable and a HD500X I can keep models working even if my battery goes dead.
  3. Hello, I'm new to this forum and I intend to buy a JTV89F soon. I have a few questions I couldn't find answered in any of the online manuals, maybe you guys can help me out. 1. I see a Variax Cabled Power Kit for sale at the Line 6 online store. This means I can use modeling on the guitar even if the battery is dead? The guitar is powered by the TRS cable? The TRS cable connects to the regular intrument jack? Can I power the guitar through the TRS cable while outputting the intrumeng signal through the Variax digital cable? 2. How many hours the battery allows you to play continually? Do you recommend an extra battery? 3. What's the string gauge that comes with the guitar? I've seen posts saying that the JTV89F did not need any setup out of the box, but I assume that if I have to change the string set I will need to have a setup. Is the JTV89F setup any different from other guitars? Thank you very much, Marcelo
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