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  1. allyboo22

    POD XT Advice

    That's perfect buddy, thanks for the advice and info, I'll get on it and get the triple pack ordered!! Thanks again, you're a great help!! Al
  2. allyboo22

    POD XT Advice

    Hi there, Thank you so much for the reply. I'll look into getting the triple bundle pack. When I do have it, how do I transfer the amp models from the pod farm to the xt?? Thanks again for your help and advice!!
  3. allyboo22

    POD XT Advice

    Thanks for the reply, much appreciated. Been seeing that the Pod XT has been pretty much discontinued which is a shame because it is a good bit of gear and been pretty reliable. Guess I will need to look at getting an upgrade to a Helix or something in the near future. Thanks again for the reply. ;) Ally
  4. allyboo22

    POD XT Advice

    Hey guys, Looking for some advice regarding the Line Pod XT!! I have been using the Line 6 Pod XT for recording at home and got loads of presets pm Pod Farm, I am looking to use them in a live environment but as there are certain amps and stuff I have on pod farm which arent't on the XT I can't use them. Is there anyway of adding amps to the XT in the same way you would add tones?? Any advice at all would be greatly appreciated!! ;) Thanks in advance for for any help provided!! ;)