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  1. Bogner Red pedal? Just googled it....$250 used! wow! I have never played with a pre-amp pedal....gonna try that.
  2. Thanx for the reply. I have a Japanese strat, American tele, and les paul. PLugging into hughes and kettner tube head/cab. Also have old American made Crate 50watt tube combo. I Still find both amps sound a little dull after using HD500 (with ac-30 preamp effect) then removing the HD500 from the equation . Maybe my amps lack some natural chime? My hughes and kettner is even class A?? I have an analog boutique screamer 808 pedal that is a little better than the screamer in the POD, but, like i said, i'm stuck on clean chime i'm getting from the POD...so the old pedals sit.
  3. Perhaps someone can answer this question? I got a buddy who practices and plays smaller gigs with his POD HD. But he records and plays larger (or more important gigs) with his full size pedal board with analog pedals. He pretty much uses the same pedals with both set-ups. For example his analog pedal board has an 808 tube screamer, rat stomp, ect... He says the "real" analog pedals are 5-10% better than the POD HD's copies and when it really matters he goes analog. I find that punchy, clean preamp tone from the HD500 AC-30 (as long as the treble is backed off) is just amazing! I find my analog pedal board to be muffled, less clear, less sweet tone? Am I missing something? I don't see the pro's using amp modelers? Maybe when u start spending $2000 or $3000 on a tube head you don't need the clean, bright help from the amp modeler?? Guess my question would be....if your stand alone tube amp sound is better with NO help or tweaking from HD500.....what is ur amp and what is your secret??? I have $600-$700 in analog pedals and i never use them anymore because the clean tones just sound better through the POD. YA, YA, your gonna say "shut up and just play the HD500!!!" Well, i could use my old pedal board and 2 seperate set-ups would be handy. Do i need an eq or preamp pedal on my old analog board to get the sweet clean tone i find with HD500 AC-30 preamp tone??
  4. I also have a whole bank dedicated to our in ear practice rig and another bank for playing live through my tube amps. i find the tube amp smooths out some of buzz fuzz in the overdrive patches.
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