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  1. First off I would like to say hello to everyone in the forum :) I am on the fences when it comes to the Pod Hd 500 I purchased. first question is 1. How does everyone feel the effects are compared to the Pod M9 question number 2. I use a Laney 50 watt tube head with 4x10 Cab and really like the amps overdrive and want to bypass the HD`s simulation and only use the HD 500 as effects stomp box pedals. Is there a way to to do this with all 8 switches that will go on and off at will . I have searched and not found anything concrete to help me figure this out or its right in front of me and I don`t see it . I want to use the 4 cable method for plugging in . I am not new to multi effect processors but this is the first time I have considered doing this and really want to achieve a great sound with this unit and not have to buy a wide array of stomp boxes as this was a present and I really like the effects Line 6 has to offer in one unit . If anyone can help me it would be greatly appreciated as I have read and read and the more I do the more confused I`m getting .Sorry for being a newbie but my stubbornness has not helped and I truly need direction .
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