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  1. Hey, Phil- Genuinely appreciate your quick response. Yep, I was able to activate my second computer and I downloaded the license manager. I even tried the service monkey thing, and I guess that's only for hardware. Here's what I think must have happened -- when I originally purchased Pod Farm and the Metal Pack three years ago, I must have been sent an installer via email because, again, there is no means of installing anything from my Line 6 user page, and I would had to have installed them on my original computer somehow. I guess I could try to contact Line 6 and have them resend the installers (?). I've just gone through this process with all my Native Instruments stuff and other plug-ins with ABSOLUTELY no problem. This whole thing is very odd, and it officially just became too much trouble. I have Guitar Rig installed so I can just use that, it just would be nice to have the option of using Pod Farm as well. Especially since it says right there that I do, in fact, own it. Hmmm.
  2. So, I've read this thread -- I can not install Pod Farm on a second computer. Nope, nothing works. There is no place where I can go to my purchased Line 6 products and install them on a second computer. I was able to ADD my second computer. So I thought maybe I had to register the products (which I originally purchased approximately 3 years ago) - though I apparently never had to register them to install them on the original computer - but it asks me for the registration number off the back of the box. No box, purchased them through the Line 6 website. I am able to sign in as a user, so I know I exist, and there IS the list of my purchased products - just no way to install them on anything else, or I guess even re-install them on my original computer in the event anything ever happened to that. Can't imagine how I even ever got them installed in the first place, as there is no download option even for the items it LISTS ME HAVING PURCHASED. It's late now, and I'm over it. On to Native Instruments Guitar Rig -- it downloaded into the new computer like a charm. Grrrr.
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