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  1. I've worked as a software developer for over 10 years too and "suits jumping the gun" is what this update seems to me too. And it's too bad because I'm also a professional musician (two degrees in music and all) and I'm doubly pissed at this update. That's the one thing the update warns you about. As I connected my 1.9 to workbench HD I got an error message saying that I needed 2.0. But yes, I tried all 4 combinations in 3 different systems to no avail (1.9 -> workbench, 1.9 workbench HD, 2.0 -> workbench, and finally 2.0 -> workbench HD) in OSX 10.8, Windows 7 (as a VM in OSX), and Windows 7 on a dedicated host. As I said earlier, going back to 1.9 worked in every case so I'm positive other pieces of the chain are working fine. I'll just wait until 2.0.1 is out or maybe an updated version of workbench HD.
  2. I just updated my JTV-59 from 1.9 to 2.0. After doing so I couldn't upload any new tones to the guitar. Depending on what software I tried I would get a different error. If I tried the workbench I'd get a MIDI timeout or disconnect and if I tried workbench HD I'd get an exception (and work after downloading my guitar's patches all the tone names would have a "?"). I luckily have different computers and operating systems available to me from several flavors of Linux, to Windows and OSX (the latter being the one I use mainly) so I can easily test my setup under different conditions. Unfortunately my results were the same under Windows and OSX. After many wasted hours and several Google searches I finally gave up and downgraded to 1.9 and everything worked perfectly again: I could upload and download tones without a single problem. So now I'm left wondering why would Line 6 release a firmware that is clearly not mature enough for production use. I LOVE my JTV and will continue to use it as I find it's an incredibly versatile tool. Still, when I see beta software released into the wild -like the 2.0 firmware- it makes me think that some manager at Line 6's QA team is falling asleep. Just writing down my thoughts...
  3. Great! I'm loving the sound of this processor. Not too hot about the interface. After years of using Digitech, this processor's UI seems very counter-intuitive. But it sounds much better than my old Digitechs so it's all good!
  4. I went to my HD500 and didn't have this option. Then I noticed that you said "setup screen 3/10" and I only had 9 in total! So I opened up Line 6 Monkey and noticed that I was using the 1.3 firmware and the latest one was 2.10. After upgrading, all's good. Thanks!
  5. If I change the input to MIC and then change the patch, the HD500 reverts back to the guitar input. Seems that the input is set per-patch and not globallt. This sucks big time for me as I would like to quickly test a bunch of presets with my mic and currently there is no way to do this other than go to the I/O page for each and every patch! Is there a way to enable the MIC globally? Thanks!
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