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  1. WHOOOO HOOOOO!!!! I was so excited to get the email about Amplifi and android coming together I went out today and got the 150 from my LMS! Got the patches installed to 2.0 which was easy with the instructions that popped up in the Amplifi Utility. I am pretty smart and didn't need it, but the programmers may want to add to the instructions WHEN to release the buttons to put it into program mode and do a factory reset. I am tickled and cannot wait to really figure it all out. Thank you Line6. I know there will still be a lot of people who complain but it seems line6 is doing a good job so far. BE PACIENT! The only thing I don't see right now is a way to change the directory for where my music is located. It defaults to the folder where my ringtones are stored on the device. I would like to change my music directory in the app to look in my SD card at my music folder. Other that that little bug......Awesome
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