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  1. OK, for a variety of reasons (mostly frustration), I put this on the back burner. Now, I really need to start recording again, so I am going to try this again. One consideration I did not previously mention - when I bought my new computer (PC, Windows 7), I had the C drive from the old computer installed into the new computer (it is now the F drive). Since the UX-2 worked on my old computer, is there a conflict between my drives? Is there a way I can install the UX-2 to my F drive?? Thank You! Tom
  2. No, we only have the one computer (rest of family uses phones). Cannot use the ones at work.
  3. HP Compaq, Intel Duo Core, 3.07 GHz, 4.0 GB RAM, 32-Bit, Windows 7 Professional - not top-of-the-line, but all I need, although I may increase the RAM. Thought we had something with the ASIO4ALL - maybe an ASIO conflict or something. Use Direct Sound for general MIDI recording, but need my Line 6 devices for guitar, bass, and vocals!
  4. Well, uninstalled ASIO4ALL - don't need it as I figured how to get Direct Sound for casual DAW work. Tried to install UX-2, same result. Device Manager just shows no driver installed. Tried to manually assign driver, says driver does not exist!!!
  5. I will uninstall later today. Why is it a last resort? I only installed it because my DAW wasn't working with my standard soundcard - kept saying there were no drivers.
  6. I will see what the DI-Gold does this evening. And, nah, wouldn't want to set them on fire - I have used them for many years, very successfully. I have tried older drivers - same result. Will try uninstall of GearBox. Have already spoken to Line 6 and have a support ticket. They don't know what the problem is. Also, regarding soundcards, I have standard Windows card, and ASIO4All as cards - think that has something to do with it???
  7. Triryche - No, not connecting both. Have uninstalled, and rebooted. Changed the compatibility to XP, same result. Turned off Virus program. There are no other files I need, besides the drivers, correct? I am installing into the default folder (C/Program Files/Line6). What am I doing wrong??? I see the .dll and .sys files in my Driver Archive File, so I know they are there. When the New Hardware option comes up, it just says Software Driver Cannot Be Installed Correctly. I have GearBox already installed - is that affecting it?
  8. Did uninstall, rebooted, started over, same results. :(
  9. I am assuming I have the drivers - in my Line 6 Program Files, under Driver Archive, there are lots of .dll and .sys. files.
  10. OK, I right-clicked the driver file, and selected Run As Administrator. Same results.
  11. I did download the latest Monkey, and I tried to install an older driver file from 2010, with the same results. Triryche - how do I run as admin? That thought had occurred to me. Still learning Windows 7.
  12. Yes, I downloaded the latest version (, and have been trying to install it. I do not plug-in either device until the installer prompts me to. I have tried it in all of my USB ports. I get a message that the software is installing, then the message that the drivers were not installed correctly.
  13. Tried signature - followed directions, restarted computer, tried to download drivers, same result - "software drivers do not install correctly." Ran Monkey, same results. Why is there a question mark next to "firmware" on Monkey, and a dash under installed? How can I take a screenshot of Monkey to post here?
  14. I am hoping someone here can help me. I have a TonePort UX2 and a TonePort DI-Gold. I had been running a PC with Windows XP, and everything was great. Then, the computer died, and I got a new PC running Windows 7. I have tried re-installing my UX2 and my DI-Gold. I have downloaded the most recent drivers, and tried to install them. I keep getting a "Drivers Did Not Install Successfully" message. The UX2 flashes red lights, and the DI-G light just stays red. I have run the Monkey, and it says my drivers are not installed, and that no device is connected (when it really is). I have tried every USB port I have, with the same results. Also, when I run the Monkey, under firmware, there is a question mark (to the left of "firmware"), and a dash ("-") under "installed." I have talked to customer support, but they cannot see why the drivers will not install. Any ideas??? Thank You! Tom
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