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  1. Just tried you suggestion. Didn't help unfortunately. I might pull it apart and make sure the knife edges are sharp. It is like there are 2 different points where the tremolo likes to rest. If filing the knife edges doesn't work I could get one of these: http://joe.emenaker.com/TremStabilizers/BackBox.html. This will push the tremolo back to position after pulling up. I would still like to try locking bridge pins but not sure which ones will directly fit in.
  2. Thanks for that video although I was already doing that.The guitar is staying in tune when I dive but when I pull up it stays sharp. If I push back down again it goes back to tune but this is not helpful in a live performance or recording situation. The reason I want to change the studs is that other people have done this in the old line 6 forums and had success with it. There is nothing binding that I can tell either at the nut or bridge or inside. The Piezo cables are not binding. The only thing left is the knife edges not returning to position on the bridge pins.
  3. I have a JTV-69S that will not stay in tune due to the tremolo. I have tried everything on the forums and the only thing left is to change the bridge studs to some Gotoh Wilkinson locking studs. Can anyone confirm if these are the correct ones to get. http://www.warmoth.com/Gotoh-Wilkinson-Studs-Pair-Chrome-P618C856.aspx Will they just screw in or do I have to pull the whole sleeve out. I would not like to do that as they are probably glued in.
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