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  1. I appreciate the help. I'm sure a mixer will do the trick. Thanks again.
  2. Yes, I can record no problem, and I could certainly add any backing I wanted. I'm trying to figure out the best way to broadcast/play live to the internet. Maybe I'm missing your point, are you suggesting that I play thru my DAW into whichever broadcasting program I'm using? The internet programs I'm using don't use ASIO drivers, but use Windows sound settings. Helix uses USB1/2 to receive the backing audio and Windows doesn't seem to recognize 5/6, or 7/8 as an input to return it. The hope is, that I'm missing a simple setting?
  3. .....but, I can't find this particular one. My current routing; PC--->Helix via USB Helix----> Studio monitors via 1/4 outs Helix-----RC300 looper via 1 and 2 FX loops Everything works well, and sounds clean and I have no issues recording in my DAW (Sonar), or jamming with backing tracks from the PC........ What I would like to do is reintroduce the output from my Helix (including said backing tracks) into the PC (using Win 10 sound controls) to facilitate live broadcasting over the internet. Kinda the same thing as the old "what you hear" setting on a PC soundcard. I can reroute my Helix 1/4 outs to the RC300, and let it feed the monitors. This gives me another USB connection (from the RC300) to use as an input into the PC. Unfortunately, it also introduces a whine/hum with my monitors that is intolerable. I have a feeling I might have to get a mixer to make this work (any suggestions on a good/inexpensive one?), but if anyone can come up with a routing option I haven't tried, I'll offer my first-born son. Warning......he's 29 and still lives with his dad. Thanks, Folks.
  4. You can also double click and hold, then move the preset to the slot you want. It's even easier if your pc has a touch screen :)
  5. Well....Customer service at Line6 had no idea what the "rescue file" was and basically suggested I return the amp to the retailer for replacement. In case anyone is wondering, the "bug" appeared while I was attempting to change the title of a downloaded preset. I had forgotten to "save" the preset to the amp before making the change. Be careful out there boys, and girls.
  6. The problem is that the head doesn't boot to the point where you can get the home button to do anything. As the OP stated, you can try the various combo starts (hold A+B during power on) but, to my knowledge, none of those options allow a preset "reset". I am hoping that the "rescue file" is the key to fixing this issue, as my week old amp has the same problem. I'm waiting on a support ticket, and will update here. It really sucks, because I was starting to get some tones set up that I liked :)
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