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  1. Hi i recently purchased a sonicport vx to record both acoustic and electric guitar,i plug my guitar into my HD500 effects unit then out to the sonicport and from there using the usb cable i go straight into the computer now my problem is when i connect my earphones to the sonic port i can only hear the guitar when recording starts or if i am practicing with guitar pro i only hear the guitar when i press play when i pause it after about ten seconds it turns off,is this normal??
  2. Thanks for the help guys i have since broke my phone and now im using a laptop direct using usb but tnis is crashing my computer when i record GRRR!!
  3. Hi all I've recently been using Bandhub on my iPhone 5s this is where you record guitar into the app and somebody else does drums voice bass etc.My question is can and if so how do I go directly from my hd500 into the iPhone to give a more professional recording,can I use the iPhone to USB adapter.Any information would be appreciated
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