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  1. DoctorV

    New Update

    Hey, come on, guys! I feel an aura of disappointment in this post. Let's think together, has 500x a future or not. I suppose it has. Maybe even ancient X3Live has. You can drive Rolls Royce, Ford or even bicycle... If the vehicle gets you where you need to, it's only left a question of convenience and perspectives of use. Nobody stops to sell bicycle parts just because Ford announced a new model. It's all about what do you want - to get to the business meeting, drive your family to the lake on holiday or just ride a bicycle whichever the wind blows. It's about your professional level, the purpose of use, about instrument and money, even about state of mind (we're all musicians, don't let the tech overwhelm your souls ;))
  2. DoctorV

    New Update

    Hope Digital Igloo will answer. Good, well qualified guy imho.
  3. DoctorV

    New Update

    Let's make things clear. 1). I mean HD 500x that, I suppose, is still a flagman in its price category and its full potential hasn't been revealed yet. 2). I don't talk about FREE update. Of course it'll cost money and part of it will be converted from Helix and somehow optimized for HD, better or worse. 3). There's such a thing like Ideascale where Line 6 guys read ideas and mark what they review or work on. 4). I've noticed that Line 6 releases new updates somewhere around NAMM. That's why I thought these facts are connected.
  4. DoctorV

    New Update

    Line 6, can we count on new updates for POD HD on the Summer NAMM 2016 or even earlier? I know, there're some things you're working on at the moment like improving effects and adding features to POD Edit.
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