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  1. Hello, Does somebody know how to install the echosound in the song Rooster from Alice in Chains. I have the Spider V60. This echo sound you hear a few times in the song. How can I install this in my amplifier? Hopefully someone dan help me. Bye Jack
  2. Hello, Can someone please help me. I'm looking for the amp (Spider V60) settings Iron Maiden - Can I play with Madness. I have a sound, but it can better.
  3. I tried many Times to update tube Spider Remote App to 2.0 to use it on my Spider V60, but it doesn't work. After houres it's still is not updated. How can I update this app on my Lenova tablet 6.0.1? Please Help me to solve this update. Regards Jack
  4. Hello, I am busy with learning to play "Can I Play With Madness" from Iron Maiden on the Spider V60. But in the cloud from the Spider Remote App I can't find the settings. Can someone please provide me with these settings for this song. Hopefully someone can help me, and others, with this. Thanks Jack
  5. I have the same problem. It's still nog solved. Hopefully someone can help us to update de Spider Remote app to 2.00
  6. Hai, Can someone please put the guitaramps on the Spider Remote app for "Blur - Song2". I want to have the rock version. Now is only the quit tones on the amp. Regards Jack
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