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  1. smokingaces


    Thanks.a lot. I got it, and it's up and running! I just cant keep up with this crap anymore. I was trying to use the line 6 updater today, and it keeps telling me my pass word is wrong. Yet i can get to my account , and I've changed the password, but when I go back to the editor it just keeps telling me the password is wrong. More fun and games. I just don't get why all these companies need these passwords for everything . You can't use the software, unless you have the hardware. And the people who can steal their crap will, but thy keep harassing those who do it the right way. Anyway; thanks a lot. The best thing about the internet, is that you can always find someone who knows more then you do,, and actually listens to you.
  2. smokingaces


    What's the name of that editor, because I still don't see any PC editor for the v120
  3. smokingaces


    Maybe I'm stupid because I'm 72-years old, but according to the manual that came with my Spider V 120....on line 17 it says you can connect and I quote "MAC/PC/ANDROID/ USB B port - Connect a Mac/PC or Android device (with OTG adapter) whatever that is, to edit tones , update, playback, and record audio. Well I've already determined that they lied about using the PC as an editor, because there is no PC editor. But what is an Android with OTG adapter, is there a name for the APP, because they don't say? I have no clue as to what these people are talking about anymore. I have no smart phone I-pad, or POD, and at my age I'm running out of time to learn new crap, so can someone explain what they are talking about? I do have a tablet with android, is there an app for that? What's it called?
  4. smokingaces

    V120 edit

    Does anyone know if they have an editor in the works for the PC.
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