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  1. Ok, i agree with you, and i can find compromise height of pickups... I have more then ten guitars with diferent pikoups ( emg sa, 81, 85, 89, gibson, dimarzio at, pro track, seimour duncan....) and i never had problem with pulling strings, ...anyway I found a compromise height and this is ok. I still can't understand why my two singles don't work at all when phase is changed??
  2. Hi , I changed my neck and middle pickup with emg hz s1 and i got very bad second (bridge+middle) position....phase poroblem... So i resolder my factory bridge humbucker, i changed his phase and i got briliant straty sound... New problem--- pickoups pulling strings out of tune in low position... I am consulted some luthier and they told me i can try to return bridge pickup in original wiring, and to change phase on my two emg single ciols...I did it and then the main problem occurs - single coils don wont to work when phase is changed !?! Does somebody know explanation for this situation? Factory bridge work fine in boath case , but two singles work only when they are soldered like on shematic +/+ and -/- Also, is it possible to solve a problem of pulling strings out of the tune on this vay?
  3. Ok ok , i completely understand. Custom patches are combination-variation of existing sounds, like you say this is just instructions/variables for the Variax to use the modeling in a certain setup. I already have some bouzouki patch based on 12 acoustic- reso5 tricone resonator. Reso5 have a similar body resonant, and with workbanch an adding some parallel pitch buzouki becomes alive :-) It is not perfect, but it works fine. Thanks for replaying and explanation man :)
  4. There is twoo custom banks....maybe one of them can be replaced with new models...
  5. Hi everyone, especially line 6 menadzment... Greek Bouzouki is represented very much in east europe and asia, and i am sure there is a lot of line6-variax users who would like to have bouzouki model on their Variax... Maybe we can expect this model with some new updates?
  6. Ok, Now i wil just change funktion on my two pedal... Floor exp pedal will work as wah or whamy, external exp pedal will work as volume... Thanks bro!!! 😎
  7. This is a video that has brought confusion ... but this is in the case of fractal. I'm a little disappointed because line6 did not make togleswtich input to floor version helix :( Anyway, thanks for quick reply, i already have mission exp for hd500x...
  8. Hello everyone I need quick answer about mission sp1-l6helix exp pedal? Can it work with helix Floor version?? I think that i seen some you tube video where somebody is explain that it is possible, but in all other site i find that is work just with rack version... I need quick answer because I've already ordered the pedal, and if it is not possible to work with floor version i want to stop order. Thanks in advance
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