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  1. Hi, I change for OSX 10.9, and since it's not possible for me to connect my pod .... not detected .... And i have a message for OSX : too much consumption of energy with usb, usb disconnected (i tried too translate the french message...) I also have a problem with my pod usb plug , she's broken....so i'm not sure it's come from the pc or form the pod.... But what i saw is the last drivers cannot be install ... why ?? don't know.... i tried a lot of time... but it's seems there are a lot of person here have the problem... Any solution to solve it ?? and, is it possible to connect podhd with USB/midi cable to update firmware and use podhd edit ? Thanks a lot. -Ju-
  2. Thanks alexis, i found on youtube 4 cables you talked about !! Many thanks ;)
  3. Hello, Before starting, sorry for my English, it 's not my first language ! ;) Whatever, i want know if it's possible to use modulation Fx of the pod into an amplifier fx loop... (i know it's possible to use all effect in amplifier loop) But with this kind of chain : Guitar--> Overdrive --> FX modulation in amplifier fx loop And, use some effects in the front of my amplifier, and some effect in amplifier loop in the same chain... possible ? Thanks a lot :D -Ju-
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