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  1. Hi, Never a dull day with these packs. We have 14 TBP12 that we use on RF2. Went to set up for a show and now 8 or nine of them won't power off with the switch on the pack. Nope, not in lock out mode...at least the lock icon is not showing. In fact, if you hold the Select and Value keys for 2 seconds the lock icon appears as expected. Visual check of the switch sub assembly PCB looks ok. Re-seated the ribbon cables. Only way to power off is to remove the batteries. Don't even know what else to try.
  2. I see that no one has replied to this. Yes it is common, at least on our 14 TBP12's. The sheet metal "spring" at the bottom of the batery hole is not strong enough to push the battery into contact with the battery door. Especially if the battery length is a bit on the low side of the specification. I have found no good solution, as even with proper length batteries a good shake of the pack will cause a momentary disconnect. You don't see this on other brand packs that have a conical coil spring pressing the battery.
  3. I'm in the process of updating my XD-V75 receivers and TBP-12 body packs. Seems to be going ok, but, I have a question. How does one determine the version on the body pack? Monkey does find the TBP12 and does something, then shows a dialog saying the firmware is 2.01 and displays the image of the TBP12 on the left. Is this the only way to know or is there a secret button push sequence on the pack? Regards, Mac
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