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  1. Hello, I hope I'm not breaking any taboo here but I do use a Line 6 amp with a FCB footpedal. But I run a Vox Tonelab Desktop for my effects before the amp. I am getting some really great tones from this combination. The advice I'm needing is I need to know if anyone else besides me is using a Vox Tonelab Desktop? There is an input jack on the Vox Tonelab to plug in their recommended footboard which is basically a midi board. It is the same J-5 input jack which my Line 6 FCB footpedal uses to connect to my Line 6 amp. I was wondering if I can connect my Line 6 FCB pedal to my Vox Tonelab and use the FCB pedal as a midi pedal? I guess a secondary question would be what problems might you for see by doing this? Hope to get some feedback on this, musicman39507
  2. Yes I figured no body would really know, but it's one of those questions that you don't really know unless you ask. You know. I wasn't sure why anyone would ever weigh the head out of a combo, but you just never know. And I don't want to make anyone feel sorry for me or anything like that but I'm disabled and I'm unable to make it to the UPS store for them to weight it for me. I can schedule for them to pick up a package when I'm ready to ship but the drivers don't have any way to weight it. They want me to guesstimate the weight then it will get weighed in transit to get the precise weight. But I was trying to get that ahead of time just for me to know exactly what my shipping cost will be so that I can prepay it. But thanks to everybody for reading my post,<br />KEEP ON ROCKIN,<br />musicman39507
  3. Hey Everyone, Can anyone tell me the weight of a line 6 spider iii 75 watt head?? This is the head that comes out of the combo, not the whole combo. And not the head ment to be matched to a cabinet. It's the head striped out of a combo, head only, I aint got no scale. Some one gave me another head out of his combo but he kept the speaker and cab, that way I got my old 75 watt amp up and running. Now I'm gonna sell just my old head for parts on ebay but I need the weight to estimate shipping cost. Thanks Everyone, musicman39507
  4. Yea man it explains a good deal of it,,,,I just had to open it up and was like WOW what does this do????what does that do???? I'm sure you know the feeling,,,lol But thanks man sure glad you took the time to explain that all to me.<br />Good day to ya,<br />musicman39507
  5. Hello, I really didn't think it was possible but I've done it, I actually have another dumb or silly question. Ok, I'm on a roll here, I promise I'll ask this then go to bed. Can you use a fbv express pedal as a midi interface ? It is one of the old fbv express pedals. The ones without a USB slot on it. Can you connect an Ethernet cable from the fbv express pedal and plug it into the Ethernet connection on my pc and it act like a midi interface to go with my Vox Tonelab Desktop? So that I can run my Vox Tonelab Desktop pc editor ( the software for the Tonelab ) at the same time? Thanks again, musicman39507
  6. Hello all, I got a quick question. To some on here it may be a dumb or silly question, but I've said dumber things than this before just ask me and I'll post you all a few. But if I don't ask I'll never know right? Well here it goes, can you run a cable from the headphone jack of a Line 6 Spider II 30 watt, to the instrument input jack of either a Line 6 Spider III 75 watt, or the input jack of a powered mixer or a P.A? Okay once you pick yourself off the floor from the good ole belly laugh you just had could you please let me know. Thanks, musicman39507
  7. Hey All, I'm looking for a replacement speaker for my Line 6 Spider III 75watt, it takes a celestion G12P-80 watt 8 ohm speaker. They are very costly new. So before I go that route I'm looking to see if I can hunt one down used. If anyone has one that you'd like to sell please post for me to get back in touch with you. Thanks, musicman39507
  8. Hello, Ihave on older line 6 spider iii 75 watt. I had to take the head out to change a cable in it. While I have it apart it's got me real curious as to what all the parts are and what they do? Can anyone tell what the power amp section is and what the preamp section is and the digital effects section is? I just wanna know now that I have it all apart, it's really got me intrigued. It's got a big ole transformer way on the left side with 75 stamped on it? Is that the power amp>? Hence it's a 75 watt amp? Don't worry I know better than to prod around with any of the stuff cause I don't do electrocution too well. Thanks to everyone. musicman39507
  9. Hey, I have an older Line 6 Spider III 75 watt 1X12 combo. I had to take it apart to change one of the IDE cables. I'm one of those really curious guys. Now that I have it apart and can see what it looks like inside I just gotta know what the parts are and what they do? Can anyone tell me what is the preamp section and what is the power amp section? There is a transformer way on the left side all by itself and the power wires coming into it go to this transformer. Is that the power amp section? Along with what else does it take to make up the whole power amp section? Thanks to anyone who can answer all that for me, and don't worry I have no plans on messing with any of it, I like my fingers too much. Thanks
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