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  1. Stillet

    Just wonder...

    Finally got it sorted out - replaced S7 for S9. Everything works just fine)).
  2. Stillet

    Just wonder...

    I tried this app on S7 edge and S2 tablet with no result. It seems strange because I can connect with Spider via Spider app but failed with the recording. Anyway, it would be great to have record and playback features included in Spider app. Thanks for your answer and advice.
  3. Stillet

    Just wonder...

    I am Android user and tried more than 10 usb recording apps.. No one made record from Spider. If you can recommend any which will work with android 7.1 or 8 it will be highly appreciated.
  4. Stillet

    Just wonder...

    Hi all! Just wonder why Line6 didn't allow us to make record using mobile app. If we connected our phone/tablet to the amp why do not use USB recording? Personally, I do not need full-option DAW but I would like to record my play. Moreover, I would like to use my mobile/tablet as a source of drum loops or backing track through mobile app. Any chance we could get these options in the future?